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    Please Help cant play HAWX2

    I just purchased this game few days back. I played through tutorial level and when I wanted to quit the game it crashed. When I tried to replay again by selecting "continue story" it keep me returning to main menu and I could not play at all. And of course when I tried to quit it crashed.Then I contacted Technical support and they said to update drivers and close all background process and clean temp folder. I did all and reinstall the game. Reinstalling the game allowed me to play for that login but again at the end of the game it crashed leaving me with same problem. I contacted technical support again but 2 days have past and they didn't replied me. please help. I am pasting the conversation between me and technical support in this thread.

    sourav_pradhan5/18/2013 8:51:29 PM
    Hi, I just bought this game today, I was playing tutorial on DirectX 11 version. During the tutorial I tried to quit playing and the game froze. After that whenever I tried to "continue story" or "free flight" mode the game shows the loading screen and coming back to main menu, and the game always froze when I try to exit every single time, even on DirectX 9 version. I cant play even a bit. Please help me. I am attaching the DXDIAG txt file

    Bruno5/19/2013 12:26:01 PM
    Please follow the instructions below to do an manual uninstall Open My Computer then open the Local Disk (C:) Open the program files folder. Click on the tools menu then choose folder options Click on the view tab and tick the box labelled "show hidden files and folders". Press OK Open the installshield installation information folder Search for a folder named {76A232AF-B7D6-41A4-B795-6B355E6D32B1} Right click on the folder and choose rename. Press the End key on the keyboard and type the word OLD. Press the enter key Reinstall the game using the original install disk. This will replace and overwrite any missing components that were preventing the game from being uninstall normally. In order to fully troubleshoot the problem that you are having please try the steps below: 1. Disabling your background applications: To do this, go to the Start menu on your desktop (or, if using Windows Vista/Windows 7 press the Windows key and the letter R at the same time) Type in MSCONFIG and press Enter Go to the tab, which says Start-up Click the option to Disable All Press Apply, then Close then pick the option to Restart 2. Clearing your temporary files: To do this, go to the Start menu on your desktop (or, if using Windows Vista/Windows 7 press the Windows key and the letter R at the same time) Type in %TEMP% and press enter. Go to Edit and Select All. Go to File and Delete. NOTE: If you are using Windows 7, to highlight the files you will need to press Ctrl + A together. Once the files are highlighted, you will need to press the Delete key. 3. Make sure the drivers for your video card, sound card, motherboard and processor are upto date It's important that the components of your machine have the most upto date drivers. If they are not then you may experience a number of different issues. To update your video card and sound card drivers you would be best off going to the video card's and sound card's manufacturers website. For motherboard drivers and processor drivers, you would be best off going to the machine manufacturers website. If you have a laptop, you need to visit the laptop manufacturers website to update all drivers.

    sourav_pradhan5/19/2013 6:05:46 PM
    The re installation of the game worked out, but the game still crashed at the end(directx version 9) and after that I CANNOT PLAY AGAIN. due to the same problem I was facing earlier. And yes I have updated all my drivers that included Motherboard, video card and sound. Please look into the matter. and please suggest which version should I play Directx9 or 11.

    sourav_pradhan5/21/2013 1:55:03 PM
    please reply.
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    Same Issue here I have had the game since it was included with a Geforce Card I got 2 years ago and worked fine until now! Same computer only a new Geforce 660 was added and the game refused to load or I thought so I tried putting the old Video Card back in same issue start the game and nothing! device manager says it's running but it never starts! I even wiped my SSD Boot Drive and HDD that I install games and programs on and re-installed W7 from scratch I then Installed Hawx 2 first same issue I ran all updates same issue!! but I got tired of trying since all my other games loaded instantly even Metro: Last Light (included with the Geforce 660) everything else I have installed works normal!!! I tried out of curiosity and got a EXE file from NoCd.com and their file allowed Hawx 2 to load with one major drawback I could not save my progress!!! and I don't like using these files people made to get around security issues developers make gamers turn too to get their PAID FOR games to work!!! so I after hours of searching for support on the Game it's no longer listed in Ubisofts support under the games to choose from so I had to email them direct and wait a week for a repliy, they finaly got back to me and asked me to remove the Uplay app and uninstall H.A.W.X 2 plus search the registry after uploading my DxDiag and MSinfo files so they can see what I had on my system! in my case I don't think it will work but time will tell!!! I did find a strange phenomenon that after trying to start Hawx 2 if I don't kill it in Task Manager the game will load sometimes at random after 10-15 min sometimes 30-40 min's later????? I don't know what it's doing all that time but with a I7 16 gigs of Ram a SSD boot drive on a EVGA Classified 200 Mobo with a water cooled CPU that never breaks 40 deg C under full load,
    and my WEI is
    Processor: 7.6
    Memory (RAM): 7.6
    Graphics: 7.9
    Gaming Graphics: 7.9
    Primary Hard Disk: 7.6

    Something is really wrong and it has to be a change they made to the Uplay Client or one of the game updates that has a issue with hardware in my Gaming rig! I have a New Dell with a I7 and a SSD in it I swapped out for the slooooow 1tb drive they stuck in it! and since it has a Gen 2 I7 I have a Intel 3000 Video with a Dedicated Geforce 525m w/1gig of Vram I installed it on the Laptop and it loads in about 20 Seconds??? All I know is if I have to use a hacked EXE file to play the game I will never buy anything from this company I have already boycotted EA for failing to fix a error with their code to play online but that's another story! I Had a issue with a 2K game but they corrected it after 2 weeks of Email tag! so I don't play games with these company's (no pun intended) any more if I want to sit down a play a game to unwind and find it's broken because of some anti piracy BS that hurts the legit consumer more than the Pirates I am done with any future business with them! I will not give 1 more dime to them!!!!!! I don't care how much I would love to play something they came out with I will find something else made by another company that has not crossed the line!!! I have a life outside of gaming and will not waste my time helping them Debug something they did the only reason 2K still has my business is they gave me all the DLC's for several games I have as a payment for my time and they are the only ones that ever offered to make it up to me!!!! I do Beta test for some company's but I get some kind of compensation for it! when I pay for a game it should just work period!!! a new game might have bugs but Hawx 2 has been out a while and there should be no issues that were not there before! ok I am done with my B**ching about how these company's take our money and run when there is a issue. if they want to make $$$$ stop spending so much time and $$$ trying to stop Pirates (because they can't!!!) and make the games better for those who pay for the games you might be surprised how many Pirates will become EX Pirates!!!!! there are better ways to slow them down than with securom limits on (activation's Gamers Upgrade and this is a issue) try phone verification and other ways some company's check heck even M$ has had me call a few times because I re-installed windows so many times,
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