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    Far cry 3 - lost save games

    HI -

    I lost the data on my PC and had to rebuild. My Far Cry 3 save game reverted back from chapter 32 to chapter 9 ?? I am not sure why cloud backup has done this to me??? Can anyone help ? I have read multple forum posts about copying saved games but seems the latest update made these encrypted and no longer as easily copied!

    I have also emailed support over a week ago and have yet to receive ANY support what so ever. Someone please help or guide me in the right direction?

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    Cloud servers aren't a massive database with all of your saved games stored, they're a one time thing. Quit the game it uploads the save, start the game it downloads the save file that was last uploaded properly. You probably can't get your saved games from there.

    Saved games for Far Cry 3 are stored in the Ubisoft Game Launcher folder at ...\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\......\46\

    You can put copied save games in there but you'll need to disable Cloud Sync in Uplay settings after doing so before starting the game.
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    Where can I get a copy of a working save game ?
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    Help.My save games are lost everytime I quit!!!!
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    Please verify the status of your game when you shutdown or quit the game. Be sure that you allow the game to properly save and you either have disabled or enabled cloud saves. If you change settings back and forth it may present an issue in locating saves. Also, please keep in mind you have to play up until the tutorial of the game for it to save. If you continue to have any further issues, please submit a Support ticket for further assistance. You may locate the links to Support in my signature below.
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