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    Heroes Of Might&Magic VI Gold Edition Black screen on startup

    Since i tried almost everything to overcome this problem, and nothing made a difference, while I saw so many posts regarding the issues of this game, i thought i could always try to make a post to inform others.

    I just bought HoM&M6 Gold Edition from the Steam Store. This means the regular game plus the two expansions. I installed uplay because i found out that was necessary to play the game. I saw no games on my game list: solution: play it via steam and let it open uplay this way. Uplay recognizes my game and is now only in my list when i start it via steam. I had to fill in my key and i put my Gold Edition key in it.

    When I start the game, i do see nothing but a black screen+freeze and have to ctr+alt+del to get out and end that process in taskmanager. It seems it cannot recognize my game in steam ? (i get some message in uplay when i click play: save games applied: 0%, but since i had never been able to start the game correctly i believed that did not matter).

    I tried to:
    -update my video card drivers (got ATI, not NVIDIA)
    -install the 2.1 patch but i get this message: You have not installed Heroes of Might&Magic VI: SoD, while i read this patch is also for the standalone?
    -verify the cache option in steam->properties
    -re-download the game (now even 3 times)
    -I have also posted on the Ubisoft support forum.
    -my specs are:
    i5 Quadcore 3.1 Ghz, AMD HD 6850, 1TB harddisk, 4GB RAM.
    Could anybody give me a clue about what may be wrong? Since most people have more problems with the game itself and not the start-up of it.
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    I have exactly the same problem with my Steam purchased HMM6 copy! If i start the game "normally", I get a black screen and must kill the process to get out of it.
    But I am able to access the game menu and some features if I launch the game in safe mode (through uPlay menu). In that mode, the default campaign is not available (but this is seems to be another problem of that game as reported in numerous other threads...)

    I would highly suggest to wait a fix before to purchase this game! At this time of writing, i am not able to play a game I legally purchased; joy!
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    I also have the gold edition bought through steam. At first there was no sound, and most of the game was locked up, but could be played. Then I started getting the black screen on startup. I re-installed HMM6 through steam, and then it worked perfectly. Everything was unlocked, playable with sound. Second time I tried to play I got the black screen again. Haven't been able to play since, keep getting the black screen.
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    I get the same issue.

    I also download the gold version from steam.
    On startup (running from Uplay) I get the same black screen and freeze.

    My specs:
    i7, GeForce540, 4GB Ram
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    Finally I deactivated my antivirus (avast) and it worked.

    Just don't forget to reactivate it when finished playing. You might also need to reactivate your firewall.
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