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    Break points

    Could anyone explain how exactly break points in the Swiss works? Say, I lose one game and won other two, but I can be the secont, third or fourth.
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    The Break Point is the total score of your opponent you've fight.

    In other words, if the opponents who you've fight gain a higher score, the higher your Break Point is.

    It's very easy to understand that the stronger your opponent you win, the higher skill you own, and the higher rank you shoule get.
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    since we're asking stuff about swiss , and I just started playing swiss yesterday , can anyone give me an idea on how to obtain tickets other than paying with seals ?
    feels a bit much to pay more than a premium pack in seals for a chance of getting a pack xD ... or am I missing something ?
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    No, at the moment its only with seals, but some achievments give tickets as well.


    but u get 6 tickets for ur seals, so its not soooo expensive.
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    It is expensive, you need win minimum 2 times to make it worth.
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    Originally Posted by Urthel Go to original post
    It is expensive, you need win minimum 2 times to make it worth.
    I think you can get top 2 at least 3 times and it's worth it
    second place gets a normal void pack

    I do like the idea though , if you're a good player you have 6 packs at the price of 2ish
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    It's like with normal Tournaments, if your deck is strong enough to get high, you will get more reward.
    Much like current economy in USA, the rich get richer and the poor get ****ed over.

    For me it's easy doable to get at least 3 packs from the 6 tickets and i'm level 48 ...
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    I won't play any swiss tournament until they will fix bugs with it.
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