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    far cry 3 save game data loss

    hi my name is george i looked for an answer to this mystery but no joy so here goes, i got the end of the doppelganger level on far cry 3 then i quit then went back to it later and discovered all my progress was gone. Ive looked on the internet for solutions but nothing works ,copy this post it here changed this rename that so i was wondering wether anyone here could please thank you
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    i have a similar problem. so i had 2 saves in my Far cry 3 game: an autosave and a manual one. Today (30 october) i turned the game on and the AUTOSAVE is gone!! the manual save is still there but i had more progress on my autosave!! i lost 2 days of progress-thats 2 missions 3 towers and a bunch of other stuff - 5 game %!! Can anyone please help asap!!!
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