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    Informações do perfil não carrega

    [QUOTE=MSV-Vextor;8983957]Hi everyone.

    Over the last week or so we have been receiving sporadic reports that some of you can't access the website, or log in etc.
    In order for us to find out what might be the problem, we need your help.

    Please fill out the following information and write it in your post. Keep it short and informative if you can. Thank you!

    What was the URL you visited:
    What browser and what version of the browser are you using: Google Chrome Versão 47.0.2526.106 m
    What is the nature of the error: Connectivity issues... Click here to try again.
    What did you do just before the error occured: Histórico do perfil, decodificações e tudo mais não carregam após o login. Seguinte mensagem aparece no canto inferior direito da pagina: "Connectivity issues... Click here to try again."
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    years l8ter

    this is still happening u guys suck always have always will.
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    Can't choose "Xbox 360" and I have my Xbox Life account linked. Because of that, can't unlock second decoder.
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    connection not working

    the connection to Uplay server falls down any 5 minutes, both in FarCry 3 and 4.
    It is more than one year that is almost impossible to play online.
    The game is fantastic but no doubt that I will no buy other Uplay games.
    i wrote on all the forums and technical help addresses and i got no reply.
    Siete una massa di cialtroni.
    Good bye for ever
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    Browser: Google Chrome (Always latest!)
    Nature of Error: Connection issues, and failure of my PSN account, and Ubisoft account to sync to each other. Also I can't choose the correct platform. Only platform that is selectable is the PC platform. Also "Remember me" never works, and I have to login on EVERY page change, or refresh.
    What did you do before the error: Logged in.

    This exact same problem is still present! I can login, but I get messages of a connection error, and I have to click several times before anything shows up. Also i have to login on the web any time the page changes, or I refresh. I have had nothing but bad experiences with ubisoft games, and it's getting to the point where I'll never buy another one from ubisoft again. Why can't you guys fix these problems? Other companies don't have these problems.
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    still dead

    Yeah, it's been dead since 2014. In the app we can't pick anything other than pc (I have a 360), and the website has a coding error that tells us there is unsecure info. usually just a blank page shows up, but some browsers may get a wee bit further and show a useless front page, but nothing after that. It needs to get fixed or someone needs to be able to add a second decoder manually for us.
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    I totally agree.
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    Could it be discontinued? Not supported any more? I didn't get that memo!
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    Far cry outpost error

    Okay so i logged in and linked my account to my ps3 and i am lvl 73, well when i got onto the website and logged in it said i was lvl one i have even made an account in the past to see if it would work and it didnt so i dont know what to do please give me feedback thanks
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