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    Release date: December 31st, 2013? (it's on the 2nd photo)

    Although it does say "Date listed is anticipated in store date, actual store receipt date may vary in some instances"; what does everyone else think?

    Though the release date Ubisoft is putting out is "Holiday 2013" and according to that list it might be possible. There are quite a few games that are also said to "release" on that date too. Maybe they (Ubisoft and the other companies on) are possibly going to be releasing them in 2014 (considering it's still "holiday") but they still don't have a definitive answer on a release, so it could be sometime in January as well.

    Though the date is possible since most games do release on Tuesdays. But if it is true I think I know what I'm doing this New Year's Eve.
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    Hi there,

    Any release date listed by 3rd party websites or retailers - should be considered a 'best guess' - some use this so that pre-orders can be taken, allowing people to secure the game - but then they may alter that date once it's announced officially.

    You should not consider these 'official' - unless you see them on the official sites, such as / - or posted by a member of staff here.
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    Yeah, I figured as much considering it was just on a piece of paper from an some other source, but thought I'd ask what everyone else thought anyways. Whatever the case I knew the official word would come from Ubisoft first.
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    Merely a placeholder. Most marketplaces do this with videogames with TBA dates. December 31 is the most commonly used placeholder for both movies and video games, though the game/movie never actually ends up releasing on that date.

    That being said, I hope WD releases as a launch title for the PS4 since I'll probaly be buying one the minute it releases (literally). November seems like the best option.
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