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  • Hawx 1

    15 62.50%
  • Hawx 2

    9 37.50%
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    Hawx 3?

    Just a quick question to the developers of hawx or anyone that might now is there gonna be a HAWX 3 because hawx 2 is one, if not THE best game in my opinion. Thanks
    Also please reply witch one you like more hawx 1 or 2.
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    lo que tiene uno ,no lo tiene el otro .los dos son buenos para mi

    creo en una nueva entrega.obiando cosas del uno al otro.
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    Aviation & Aerial Combat Flight Games - The Best!

    Hi yeah, I like HAWX even thou its arcadish, I have played many games in the last 30 years going back to old Atari consoles and 386 PC games....LoL

    I enjoy the HAWX Online Deathmatches with those that play intelligently and understand the concept of Dogfighting known as B.F.M and A.C.M. understanding that HAWX is an Arcadish game and not on par with say DCS-A10C or Falcon 4.0 or even XPlane10, it still gives the general basics of B.F.M training if played properly.

    When I host a game in HAWX I select setting's that resemble more true or realistic aerial combat situations by first setting:-

    - Guns On Always
    - Forced Mode on
    - Support Units Off
    - Normal Weapons Mode
    - Joint Strike Missile Only - and might turn off (OFF-MODE) and make it (Cockpit View Only) depends who I am playing with also I have played 1 vs 1 with HUD - OFF Mode its really a hard setting and more interesting only in two player mode.

    More here on HUD - OFF Mode -

    Yes, I would love to see a HAWX 3 ..... more here .............
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    Hey Razza how are you I never see you in Garena may be we play in different time OK about hawx3 if they are going to make it as hawx2 i wont buy it

    HAWX2 has many problems now i cant join a deathmatch or when I host one no one can join me. I am not the only one with the same problem . I read many post in the forum from another players saying the samething.

    I dont think Ubisoft cares to fix the problem until i see any changes i wont buy ubisoft products . well I hope to see you soon In garena because in ubisoft server cheaters play there well in garena too but less.

    You know I always play in cockpit view only
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    Hi Green,

    Yes I still occasionally play Hawx simply love the speed, its a pity they just don't take HAWX 1 and add to it rather than reinvent what HAWX is, but the GFX is nice in HAWX 2

    Like I say if they add more realistic items like proper take -off and landing more realistic weapons modeling, proper carrier take-off and landing, cockpit HUD and working instrumentation having different levels of play like Basic to Advance which mean you can enjoy HAWX as is in Basic Mode or switch to Advance for more in cockpit avionic functions using HUD etc etc....

    Not asking for a full simulator like DCS-A10C level but some working cockpit switches and working HUD would be great with Flight Model behavior modeling using taking this game between advanced arcade to semi-simulated air combat in systems and flight control.


    As for HAWX Theater and Campaigns would love to see Outerra Game Engine in the game with very large terrain and flight time and story telling like in HAWX2...... Watch.................


    *** "I WISH"! ***

    Oh well been discussed to death here, just read my long repeating threads hasn't changed a thing, really sad to see another good attempt at a flight game just wasted in time.

    We will eventually bump into one another online again

    Take care.................Razza
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    don't know! own every version and add-on or expansion....but cannot get game to start online
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    Sorry for "necro". But I'd love to see HAWX 3. Even as a small download only game which would corelate with Ghost Recon Wildlands in the story aspect.

    And for me, both are great. Story-wise I guess I prefer the first one, love the references to Advanced Warffighter but HAWX2 took me for more hours. ;P
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    I would love another HAWX... Hopefully theyre thinking about it!
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    i hope we see HAWX 3 i like it...
    2017 is a good time for it
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    Originally Posted by osamamax Go to original post
    i hope we see HAWX 3 i like it...
    2017 is a good time for it
    Hi yea I still would like a HAWX3 based on a continuation of HAWX1 though just adding more to it.

    My idea would be a half Arcade / Simulation concepts where some of the features from HAWX2 could be used like take-off and landing on Carriers and various air strips on maps also air refueling.

    With current graphic engines like Unreal4 more here:-

    I dont want full simulation but some cockpit functions would be nice but remain still an Air Combat game with basic flight cockpit functions similar to say FSX.

    Its frustrating what game companies do with games now days, they could make everyone happy within reason and cater for all.

    So me to maybe 2017 me hopes crossed fingers!

    I like the Tom Clancy HAWX Books :-

    I like the old flight games like Janes USAF..............

    More here.............

    Maybe more like that is what I would love to enjoy using a global map.

    I have been enjoying Warthunder its great fun get it here........................

    We do need more flight sim / arcade games sad not much around any more though.

    Try Warthunder guys!
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