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    M&M Duel of Champions bonus cards&gold and Conflux chat window

    Hy I got 2 question:

    1) I got the 2 dlc Pirates of the savage Sea and Dense Macabre, both contains 25k gold and 2 excusive card (summ of 4 promo card and 50k gold ) how can i obtain then in duel of champions? using redeem code is not the way i know that....

    2) Somehow in Heroes VI my conflux chat window gone missing. Not in conflux menu not in live game not with commandkey. I can not force it to pop up... how can i fix it?
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    I've got the same problem though I suspect mine has to do with how I accidently have two seperate uplay accounts, one linked to DoC/Everything else and another linked more recently to my Heroes keys ...
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    yeah i wonder that too, i buy digital version of pirates/dance and i dont know how to use bonus, some1 know maybe ?
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    download the client, use the codes ING
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    Too bad !!!

    Too bad ,
    Ubisoft just stole you 30€ ^_^

    I had the same problem ,
    I asked after the DLC bonus via Mail, 1 month ago (for FRANCE :
    i gave every possible informations
    Mélodie(I suppose every tech support have the same Mélodie Name )
    answered me "the promotion finished the 11 January,I will never be able to have the Bonus for the DLC anymore"

    I don't know what's the problem with Ubisoft ...
    If the problem is the LACK OF COMMUNICATION
    or just one of the worst TECH. SUPPORT
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    I still have an unused code lying around here for Ariana + 25k gold (from HOMM VI gold). I can't see any (expire) date on it, so I'm wondering if this code can expire as well.
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