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    Ac3 Delivery Request

    Yeah so i did my research to see if anyone was having the same problem, but that didn't help much.

    I'm having some trouble finding the guys who gave the requests. When i went to Connor's Inventory, i found out that certain items were labeled as delivery request's items (i.e: it said South Boston Items when i moved to Beaver Pelts). So i assume that i haven't finished that request. By that logic, i still have Troy's Wood and South Boston (which explains the 32% completion in the Database)
    Well, the requests don't appear on the logbook (obviously). I searched for the specific locations, went there, and apparently no one was there.
    The 32% is just killing me...
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    I have got the same problem.... it's killing me too
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    So, you went to all of these locations and couldn't find the guys with the delivery prompt?
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    Thanks for the confirmation
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    Delivery Request Help

    Delivery Requests
    I know this isn't the cleanest word file but it's what I have.
    Delivery Requests are a nightmare! Considering you have to run to the spot on the map to get them. There are 8!

    In case your one of those people that has a 0% tile for Courier missions completed need not worry.You need to get three delivery quests in one area for 32% another for 66% and one more for 100% once you do the worst is behind you I think..
    Feel free to post locations and items as you find them.
    New york

    North New York- It is near the fort on the top right of the map. Down by the piers the delivery guy should be standing under a sign that says The Crown. It's likely this part of the map will be blurry so you might need to uncover it manually.

    • Delivery Items:
    • Cough Syrup - 1
    • Eye Drops - 1
    • Pomade - 1
    • All-Purpose Remedy - 1
    • Stomach Remedy - 1 Under Medication. You will need 4 things.

    1.) Level 1 Lyle.
    2.) Glass Bottles
    East New York-In the streets right of a fast travel station.(The Fast Travel Station is a bit to the right)
    1. Ale - 3
    2. Cider - 2
    3. Spirits - 2
    4. Tea - 2
    5. Deer Jerky - 2
    West New York-On The Docks near two barrels. To the very left of the map.It's a bit across from the fort.

    • Delivery Items:
    • Salt - 1
    • Venison - 5
    • Hare Meat - 5
    • Elk Meat - 5
    • Bread - 2


    Lexington- Just south of the store, fast travel and tavern.

    • Delivery Items:
    • Bear Pelt - 3
    • Wolf Pelt - 5
    • Beaver Teeth - 5
    • Bobcat Pelt - 3
    • Cougar Pelt - 3

    Valley Forge- Behind the spike camp that GW was at there should a rotating wheel and next to it is a small house the go is down by the water next to the house.

    • Delivery Items:
    • Bear Grease - 1
    • Deer Marrow - 3
    • Rabbit's Foot - 5
    • Elk Heart - 1
    • Fox Tail - 1

    Troy's Woods-

    Northeast corner of the region. In picture above.. located at the Connor icon.

    Bear Claws [3]
    Bobcat Claws [3]
    Wolf Fangs [3]
    Cougar Fangs [3]
    Elk Antlers [3]

    Central Boston- Straight up from the General store there.

    Paper [3]
    Hair Accessory [2]
    Toy Dolls [2]

    To make a Toy Doll you need three 3 things.'It is under themiscellaneoussection.
    1.)A level 2 Ellen. Wool and Dyes.
    Golden Rings [1]
    Soap [2]

    South Boston-
    Directly north of a fast travel point(East Fields Travel Point)

    Racoon Pelt [5]
    Deer Pelt [5]
    Beaver Pelt [5]
    Buttons [2]
    Fox Pelt [3]

    North Boston-Demons don't exist, and neither does this mission. There are only 2 Delivery Requests in Boston, Central Boston and South Boston. Once you complete those 2 you get another 33% completion.
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