LOL what this patch basically did:
add """erudito packs""""" for PC (full packs with all costumizations and all abilities)
at the very same time all costumizations become unlocked - ****s up erudito users (happy thing i'm not one :P)
punkbuster goes just punk not buster...
Yea ubi, great job!!!
Here is the best part - since I am using steam digital deluxe - I have the option only to uninstall then install game - no disk 1 disk 2 disk 394 etc with useful stuff on them. I tried updating PunkBuster in steam/steamapps/common/Assassin's Creed III. After I did so each time i tried to creat a group ..... no i didn't got kicked.... THE GAME CRASHED. STOPPED RESPONDING. F****D UP.
OK, I thought - maybe another uninstal then reinstal will fix game (or at least only get kicked without crash). Now AC3MP.exe isn't even a working thing. It's just some bu**sh** made from random noob-programmers who think they can call themselves """devs"""..