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    Far Cry 3 won't start anymore...


    I purchased this game via a CDkey selling page just a couple of days after the release. At that time I could play the game and even finished the main story line, nice game, Bravo UBI.
    BUT, i recently bought a 2nd ASUS 670 GTX DirectCU II to go SLI, and i had overheating issues while trying to play this game. The computer was freezing in the menus already, once i turned the GPU fans up, and I could play like a minute or 2 of the game, but again the system froze and again I had to do a HARD REBOOT. Since that last hard reboot, when i try to lunch the game, the logo apears and the black windows screen after that (as usual) but then a Windows error comes stating: "Far Cry 3 is not working anymore. Due to troubles the normal working process has been terminated" or someting like that, sry i translated it quickly.

    AND I CAN'T GET IT FIXED ANYMORE. Basicly i did nothing, just hard rebooted the PC, because i had to. I tryed reinstalling the game, reinstalling Uplay and the game, reinstalling NVIDIA drivers, changing some setting in windows processes, reinstalled system drivers... but nothing.

    Can someone help me here please, i realy like the game, but i wish to play it not keep it in the "closet".

    I know there are some SLI issues too, but since i can't run the thing i can't test it anymore.
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    Cap Hicks - Please contact Ubisoft Support so they can offer you some technical troubleshooting.

    Please create a ticket by clicking on the “Ask a Question” tab on the top of the page at http://support.ubi.com/

    Alternatively, you may call them. You can find the Support Team in your region here: http://www.ubi.com/US/Support/InternationalSupport.aspx
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