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    Sandalphon Tsnunami Deck

    I would like to introduce my new deck. 6-6-1
    I played Cassandra retilate deck previously but this one is working better I think, but both are cool. Probably lack the wolf commandors to play it, however.
    This deck isnt working as it is against siegfried but kat, however i hope for the fix soon.
    It's major weakness is dispel, beside this its awful strong, thx to tsunami and father's sky wreath...
    I lack 1 tsunami, 2 geysir, 1 frozen ground for it to be perfect.
    Can literally beat everything beside prison but dispel, expscially in an inferno rush can change things quick. I don't know how to couter this effectively to be serious xD

    Tactic is to stall with t2 units and spells, to wipe opponents field with tsunami and father skys wreath, play the both angels later together with Shi-No-Shi, which u can get with the 2 bards, also if he gets killed, thx to its recyle ability to kill the oponent.
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    Do you have tried this Deck against human players? For me it seems that's almost impossible to win with it. When you wipe the board you kill your T2 as well, and you spend a lot of Ressources, thus I think your ennemy can summon new creatures before you.
    Anyway the 2 Seraphs are easilly killed, thus you have only your Shi-no-shi.
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    Yes, i've already played it and it works. However, even if its strong because all the strong board clearing spells iceknives,geysir,cyclone,flood,tsnunami,father skys wreath,
    it also has some weaknessess.
    Basicly this is a survive until 6-6-1 deck, then u can play shi no shi and strike back, however problems can occure, even if this deck is very consistent to its few cards.
    Biggest problem is once ure opponent notices ure tactic he will do everything to kill u as fast as possible.
    Even without dispel, put ridicoulus amounts of inner fire on t1 units, pao hunters, such stuff which is hard to avoid sometimes.
    Same for sanctuary or cases where u rely on ure guard and they get removed killed whatever, lots of wierd stuff can happen in the 13~ turns u need to win at last and sometimes its a really close win.
    Maybe my deck isnt perfect and can be improved but idk how, other units are useless due to instant kill cards, u dont relay on the 2 angels they are just creature fillers and u will need the spells to survive until u can play shinosho which is very resistent.

    @only thing what would kill ure guards is tsnunami, flood would do some dmg though, howwever this was never a serious problem, normally i just play 1 or 2 coupled with spells to stop the opponent or i play only spells if i plan to use tsunami
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