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    Needs for FC3 MP

    I have been asked by a lot of people to highlight some of the main fixes a majority are hoping might / will happen with FC3 through some patch - It would be good to get a closure on some of the topics either Yes they will be looked at and something can possibly be done or a simple No this is not in our plans - Here goes I will try and list the stuff passed over to me and in regular discussions in matches and forums.

    The same topics keep coming up over and over and there are a large number of map authors sitting on the fence wondering / hoping that things will change – right now I think if the information was available they could make up their mind as to if they will stick around or move on to other things.

    To try and keep things basic – for a map maker these are among the most common subjects / most important for us.

    A simple Yes / No answer is all it takes really. If No then people can have closure on the subject but if Yes then maybe we could look into things further, possibly work towards a solution.

    The most important I feel are listed below

    1. - Custom Lobby and the option for the host to create a Playlist for private matches, is this possible – is it something that you guys are looking into implementing at some point – can it / will it be done ?

    I hope that you can understand the frustration at only been able to host one map, having to invite all these players into the match then after the map ends they all have to re-invited again with the current set up we have.

    We have no way to see who is hosting or what map is been hosted where user made maps are concerned, meaning that the map builders will most likely never get the chance to play a proper custom match on it.

    Here is how it worked on Far Cry 2

    2. - Map Search By Author If I download a map that I like I will want to see other maps by the same author, without fan sites or these map makers posting we have no way of finding out the map names – having a map search by author is a must – Will this be implemented at some time Y/N

    This is what we had on FC2 - It was amazing with the details we got when searching by author.
    By selecting MAP COMMUNITY from the MAIN MENU we then got the following choices.

    Type in the name for the author in Published By

    And this gives me the following details.

    3. - FREEZES In Map editor
    Is this something that has been looked at? I have only had issues when working with trees but I understand it is a big problem listening to others in the community.

    4. - Time Limits
    Is this something which we will get more control over Y/N, in a private match where XP is not earned I can’t see any issues if people wish to play without a time limit, also after been Idle for 2 mins we get kicked from the match so we can’t make a quick coffee or even take a leak.

    In past games it was an unwritten rule that if a player was stood still or hiding but not moving we would assume they are away and not kill them.

    The choices in Far Cry 2 in minutes were 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 60 / Infinite
    Far Cry Predator time limets were (In Minutes) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,15,20,30,45,No Time Limit
    Far Cry 3 has Short (5 mins) Default (10 mins) Long (15 mins) Longest (20 mins)

    5. - Vehicles
    I commend you for already discussing the subject and saying that you are having your own ongoing discussions (post here), however I feel that I need to say that not everyone will want vehicles to play in a competitive manner.

    There is a large audience of people who like to make crazy maps, race maps – but a lot play other games and often jump into far cry to chill out / chat with friends and have a fun time – sometimes on the craziest and most bizarre maps.

    So I would say that where vehicles are concerned people will take any they can have available – It is understandable that there might be some glitches with these but I am sure those using them won’t mind.

    Also many would use them for transport purposes even if only one player can use them – 1. we can run over the enemy 2. we can move faster to catch up to a team or player who might need back up who is in a different area of the map, that way they size of the map can be used better and the 10% grid limit will be less of an issue.

    6. - Editor and MP Differences.
    While making a map in the editor I counted the time between the Fire Storm nodes to make sure it was possible for the player to reach them in the given time, then in a match I couldn’t get there – the player moves faster in the editor & jumps further in the editor, so a jump that might be possible while testing a map is then not possible in the map editor – is there anything that can be done about this Y/N

    This also applies to swimming, faster in the editor.
    We have no out of bounds markers working in the editor (Playable Zone) Also we can not slide in the editor but can in MP – I noticed in SP we can only slide when unlocking this skill – just wondering if there are any easy changes that could be done.

    7. – Ziplines / Gun Turrets
    We can use the pole to act as a zipline but it would be a lot better if these were available, same as mounted gun turrets – seeing these in your MP maps and not having them kinda hurts some people, if the limit was only for 2 of each on any one map it is better than nothing but is there an actual reason why we can’t have these ?

    I know it has been mentioned about using them in the correct places and that if used wrong they can unbalance a map and also the speed in which a player can scale down a zipline could be an advantage in getting from A to B quicker in an area of the map but if done properly then we are losing out.

    Is it possible to give us these Y / N and if so what are the issues – any performance issues we might get.

    8. Weapons
    On an average, lets say after 4-5 kills we run out of ammo and to get more we have to collect a dead players gun, this forces you into running out in the open or sit and wait for someone to get close by and perform a stealth kill. ammo crates or being able to add weapons, for example power weapons, are needed to continue a kill streak or stall.

    9. A.I.
    Is there anything that can ever be done like a single player level creator that allows everything to be used in a map with a start / end point ? Is it something you have discussed, maybe not going to happen with this game or is it a possibility.

    10. Everything goes" sandbox-area of Multiplayer?
    That is very interesting, it would be nice if we could do some brain storming and try to work with you guys but I understand we no doubt won’t get the chance, Still to be kept in the loop would help with the frustration for some.

    11. Voice Chat - PS3
    Are you planning on solving the issues with the voice-chat? Or do you think that there are not enough people who are going to use this. So fixing this would take a lot of time that you would rather spend on other problems / issues.
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    Even Far Cry Predator from 2006 has a better lobby for seeing what map is been hosted in what mode - that game also had vehicles, ziplines / gun turrets & weapons in the editor and we could have no time limit, the MP modes were better - seems like we are going back over in some ways as most of the stuff that game had people still want now.

    Select Xbox Live to play a match online (remember Instincts / Evolution and Predator were Xbox only Games.

    Select Player Match

    Custom Match

    When you are ready just Search for a match / host

    Unfortunately only one match with one player in the game (the host) Still just a simple system will work.

    Closed / Stickied in hope that we get some answers on some of these issues.
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