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    Far Cry 3 Co-Op Ready or Not trophy bug!

    So I`ve started playing FC3 coop, and I started on the first mission at a checkpoint close to the beginning but not at the beginning.
    I`ve finished the first level and did not get the trophy. After that i`ve passed the second level from the beginning and got the trophy for that level.
    So i`ve tried to get the trophy by passing the first level twice from beginning to end and didn`t get it.
    If anyone can help me ingame add me on PSN: Phillip_Squid
    Please anyone who knows how can I get the trophy help i need it for the platinum!!!
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    I had the same problem with the last one, kept playing and eventually got it, you can add me if you want I can help you out tomorrow, we can try in a private match.
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    K ive added you let me know when we can play in a private match... hope you have a headset... Tnx see you soon.
    As you can see in my gamercard I have the "Return to Sender" trophy but not the first one "Here we come".
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    yea i can not get any of the co-op trophies. i mean i play through the whole level and it still doesnt give me the trophies.
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    I also need a hand if anyone would like to private match
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