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    [SOLVED] install from game backup?

    Hey all,I recently re-installed my OS to Windows 8 x64 and thus far am enjoying it.I was able to get all my STEAM games going without a hitch, but since I purchased Far Cry 3 retail copy, I was hoping to have the ubisoft launcher just detect that FarCry 3 and its 9-10gb folder is already installed, rather than have to download the game again, or install from disc, if I can avoid it.Has anyone in the community, or even ubisoft themselves, found a solution for this? As it stands, my game is located under f:\games\FarCry3 and when i double click the .EXE it auto opens ubisoft launcher, and then says
    but when it goes to play, it starts the download process which is unnecessary.Does anyone know of a way?Thanks!
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    I gather that no one has any insight or has ever come across this issue?

    I imagine if you got it working for something other than with FarCry3, I could use those steps with FC3.

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    Hi, I have moved your thread from the Uplay forum to Far Cry Technical Help forum where you should get more assistance.

    You can also open a ticket with Technical Support, the link is in my signature.
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    I figured that it would most likely be a uPlay issue since the same steps (if possible) could be used to have other games running.

    Thanks, let's see if moving it will give me replies.
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    Still no help.

    Well, I hope someone will come along sooner than later and help someone else figure it out...or maybe someone from ubisoft will realize the potential for making some bandwidth-centered individuals happier with their purchase and then backup.

    So for anyone falling on this thread: I don't think it's possible when purchasing a ubisoft game that you will be able to recover from a backed up folder. Your only bet is to re-install from disc, or download anew.

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    Hey all,

    I had some time tonight to re-install from disc, and in case anyone has this question or falls onto this thread, it ends up that things are actually pretty easy and painless to do.

    1) Keep your install directory where you want to install your game; in my case, Far Cry 3

    2) Insert your retail disc into the DVDrom drive

    3) Start the installation, and have the game install to the directory where your Far Cry 3 is already copied to. In my case, it was set to f:\games\Far Cry 3

    4) Within seconds, the installer was asking me for disc 2, realizing that the files already existed

    5) Insert second disc, wait approximately 2 minutes for directX and punkbuster being installed

    Make sure your activation is set with your uPlay/ubisoft launcher


    I hope it helps someone.

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