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    [spoiler]Far Cry 3 ending


    I'm rather confused about the ending to Far Cry 3 ending (The one where you choose to save your friends), Does Jason actually leave the island with them or choose to stay? I'm ignoring the free-roam section after completing the game.

    Just I've researched it and alot of people say that Jason stays on the island and in the credits he watches them leave, although looking on other sources it says he leaves with them!

    Anyone willing to clear this up? I'm that interested to find out that I've even emailed Ubisoft to find out an answer as both endings sucked and didn't make much sense.
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    Edit the title of this thread. Or put "[SPOILERS]" on the title and maybe you'll get some feedback.
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    To be honest, I was so disappointed with the ending that I didn't stick around for the credits.
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    He left with them, the choice was "stay with Citra and the Rakyat" or "leave with your friends", so why would he stay if he saved his friends?
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    During the early chapters of the game, Jason was determined to stay on the island. He even had an argument with Lisa about his decision to stay. He said that he had found his true calling, to be a warrior of the Rakyat. Honestly, I think he stayed. If you chose the good ending where he chose to saved his friends, you will see a boat leaving the island. He describes his pain and anguish for all the killings and violence that he had caused. Jason tells us that he can't come back from what he has done, and believes he's a monster. When he said that he can't come back, I don't think he was referring to the island. I think he was referring to the killings and other violent acts.
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    Yeah but he states earlier in the game that he wants to stay on the island, he tells his friends this but I just dunno if he changes his mind at the end of the game (To leave with his friends)
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    Oh right, personally I think he left with his friends, at least I hope he did aha, but the ending was so short, no end cutscene with your friends or anything, just to clarify whether he leaves with them or stays.
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