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    For sure I'm not buying any of Ubisoft Massive game in the future.
    They can loose their jobs, I don't give a f....
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    Customers satisfaction is one thing but a customers' trust is even more essential......
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    Originally Posted by Player-One_FR Go to original post
    For sure I'm not buying any of Ubisoft Massive game in the future.
    They can loose their jobs, I don't give a f....
    MR-Shade threaten the Community about insulting Ubisoft Massive in one of the threads. I think after Kicking Ubisoft Massive in the BALLS! over and over since this games release Ha! Ha! Ha! Ubisoft Massive is starting to feel it.
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    Making mistakes is human and it's understandable....BUT not fixing it is unacceptable...!

    Far Cry 3 Singleplayer is by far the best Ubisoft realisation so far and it's very sad that multiplayer is completely the opposite.....
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    I am going to give my honest input on why I think Vehicles were left out of MP.

    If you look back on Far Cry 2, yes we had this brilliant in game editor with a 25% limitation per grid which held us back a little. but then overall we couldn't make a map as detailed as some in Far Cry 3.
    When playing the majority of maps back on Far Cry 2, the frame-rate was terrible. The main reason to this was because of the vehicles that were in the maps. People were making maps with 6 vehicles in a map, when all vehicles were driving around at the same time, it lagged pretty badly, on whatever map.

    Far Cry 3 has a "Full Ranked" mode where every map helps you with your ranking up. When the system is like this, the team don't want too much lag as people will complain (as they complain about everything on here) and they will be in a worse issue than if vehicles were introduced. Yeah, I know the Far Cry 3 MP is quite laggy at the moment but it is expected as the game has not long been out, but could you imagine how bad performance would actually be if vehicles were added back into the game. Servers would be constantly going down and just keeping the game at a playable state would not be too easy (as the servers have needed a lot of maintenance already without vehicles)

    Just think about how performance would suffer if vehicles were added back in (I am mainly looking at the console versions of the game)
    If the game was re-released on the next gen consoles in the near future then I think it would be much easier to add vehicles back in as there would be less issues with frame-rate although servers would still need a major upgrade.

    To be honest, I would have thought it would have been much easier to ship FC3 with 2 disks, one for SP and Co-Op and another disk for Map Editor and MP. This would have opened up the disk space and if it meant you had to install 2 disks to the hard drive, at least the quality of the game may have been smoother and the game may have had quite a few less issues.

    All of this is just my opinion and if you have something to argue about in my opinion, just go ahead and say it I like listening to what other peoples thoughts are.
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    So, there were are whole bunch of different questions here. I will try and combine them into one big reply. I will only take bits and pieces from each and every post, but I think I have gotten to the core of each person's concerns. So let's start.

    Originally Posted by simplychalky Go to original post

    My initial thought was the unlocking of vehicles, etc would come in the guise of some paid DLC. Which I expect alot would happily pay for. Then I had to think why have you chosen to leave it out. Then I see an interview with a Dev prior to launch saying it was left out for design capabilities as it takes away the teamplay element.

    This I find shocking and frankly misleading which I think for alot of people has caused a reaction of how can this be case? Why would you leave them out for teamplay reasons it does not make sense.

    Not satisfied with this as the reasoning, and through my own experiences testing previously led me to believe this was a tech or a capability issue. This is the only reason I can see for not allowing vehicles in public playlists. As you say you guys are not stupid you knew this wouldnt go down well and have probably tried everything to ensure the vehicles could be in but ran out of time to sort prior to launch, I can see no other reason to not include vehicles I expect it causes stability and performance issues.

    Well this is the core of the issue isn't it?

    It's a bit of a tandem issue. See, in FarCry 3, Vehicles are mainly used for transport. There are a select few ones with the 50cal mounted on it, but they are in the minority. Rook Islands in Singleplayer is huge, and vehicles were needed for transportation around the island. Most, if not all combat, took place on foot.

    FarCry 3 pushes heavily for co-operation between team-mates in battle, and transport-vehicles kind of mess up that formula. So in keeping with that, the design decision was made to leave vehicles out of Multiplayer. Also: If you want a map big enough for vehicles, they are not going to be small enough to traverse on foot, leaving huge swaths of nothingness, interrupted here and there by a building or two. That might work for a game that has 64 players in one game. FarCry 3 has less. So that's another way that vehicles mess up the idea we have for MP.

    Now, those design decisions is taken early on in the process. There is still a long way to go before production of the game is finished. So what happens on the technical side?
    Well it's quite simple: Since vehicles aren't intended for MP, we don't have to take them into consideration when programming. We can leave out so called "edge-cases" which cause bugs IF and ONLY IF a player is in a vehicle. No need to prioritise that, we don't have the vehicles in MP anyways.

    Time passes, and a number of these Vehicle+MP bugs end up in the system (I don't have an exact number on this, there is less than a lot, but more than a few). The same thing goes for AI in some instances too. And weapons? That has less to do with bugs, but more with the idea of giving you a meta-game where you level up to unlock new weapons and new attachments. That meta-game is completely ruined by including a weapon rack at the start of each level.

    But let's get back on vehicles:

    So release day rolls around, now you are in a bind; You can't just change your mind on vehicles in MP!
    -You could allow players to add them in their maps, but the only vehicles that are there are transport vehicles apart from one or two! That screws up combat on foot.
    -You COULD add a new vehicle, a slowmoving jeep or some old WW2 APC thing which doesn't move so fast across the map, and only provides a gun platform and some armor. However; There are bugs relating to vehicles in MP! That means coding, testing, patching, verification and re-evaluation of design decision. That's not done in a single weekend.

    And there it is. A true catch 22.

    Originally Posted by farcryfan33 Go to original post
    Wow ....that's a profesional attitude, i, like probably many here, apreciate you take the time to clear things up about Multiplayer.

    You just explained that if we use '' MODs '' to play custom maps with vehicles, AIs, Animals et weapons it could override the actual playlist and **** the map central.....OK i can understand this BUT please anwser the most important question we all have.....

    Because MODDERS did it we now all know it's possible to do it and could be extremly cool...... will Ubisoft make a special Patch or DLC to modify the multiplayer system and unlock the editor to let us creat and play great & cool all sizes custom maps without harming the stability of the multiplayer central.

    Will Ubisoft make a official patch or DLC if yes when can we expect it and if no....please no more lies....tell us why.,..
    Will Ubisoft make a patch to allow for a sort of "Everything goes" sandbox-area of Multiplayer?

    Well, you say "no more lies". There aren't really any lies. There are only "I Can't Tell You" and "We Might." (There is also the occasional disappointment because something wasn't what you imagined it to be.)
    See, neither of those answers is what you want to hear, and I totally understand. I have been a gamer for about... 20+ years now. And during that time I have heard my fair share of vague answers, and it has annoyed me to no end.

    But here is the thing; Will we make some form of server-side or client-side patch for this? I can tell you that if it was just a case of flipping a switch, we would. Why not? It makes you happy, and it would spare us and you a lot of late-night head-scratching. So do we WANT to find a reasonable way of doing this? Yes.

    BUT! It's not as easy as flipping a switch, is it? As a developer/publisher you also have to be prepared for the fact, that no matter what change you want to make (it's all about concessions) someone somewhere is not going to be happy. Whether it's the person setting aside the budget for production, or the people implementing it. And last, but not least; It's enough that the change isn't exactly what the public had in mind, for the whole thing to start all over again.

    For now; All I can say is this: It's led to a number of internal discussions. It's not been brushed aside (I am spending a good portion of my Saturday afternoon writing this post for example). We are talking about what can be done, how and if so: When.

    Nothing is set in stone. I can not make any promises what so ever. All I can tell you is that we haven't crossed our arms and said "No way.". So my answer is, annoyingly enough; "We are looking into the matter."

    Originally Posted by farcryfan91 Go to original post
    so the sane thing to do is lie? your excuse for not adding vehicles was clearly stated "It would be hostile to teamwork" No technical errors or anything of that matter. Instead of letting people truly understand technical difficulties, you lie to us about this and let people anger themselves over a "decision" that was really a technical error that should of been brought up. You guys in Sweden are such bullsh!tters.
    Originally Posted by farcryfan91 Go to original post
    not to mention all the fans you Massive turds pissed off about this issue. All those people who literally gave up on Ubisoft because of this technical error that turned into a lie that was stated. You literally made this look like a bad decision on your part when in fact, it WAS a bad decision to lie about this problem. People would understand the truth about budget problems and unfinished games. I would of understood that statement just fine. But no, you literally gave your Massive team a bad name and looked like full of liars. Any game ever in exsistence made by you, Massive. I will avoid at all costs to play your next game. Your lies only hurt your company, and sadly Ubisoft, to the extent of destroying some of the fanbase of this game. Whoever gave you robots the order to lie about a technical difficulty, only fudged your company even worse.
    This kind of "criticism" is not constructive in the least. Neither is name-calling. So I am asking you: Please calm down.

    We do think that vehicles are a problem for teamwork. We just never went into great length in explaining it, both the design decisions, AND the technical reasons. So to say that we 'lied' on the matter is plain wrong. This is also why I wrote the post asking to really think about what our design and technical reasons for it could have been. But it doesn't seem like you did before making that post, sadly. Please put a little more thought and effort into your contributions in the future, you will notice that both your criticism and opinions are much more appreciated and considered.


    Now, I feel that I have answered most of the questions regarding vehicles and some other concerns as well.
    What I am going to do on Monday, is to create a sticky where I collect answers to recurring questions - it won't be updated daily, but it should get updated fairly regularly, it's a bit overdue to be honest. Until then; Have a nice weekend.
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    That was a proffesional attitude, a follow-up will also be appreciated, thank-you
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    @ DapperHayden 007 That may be the exact reason why they aviod the issue of vehicles, and I respect that BUT! Why does Ubisoft have everyone guessing? Wouldn't it be easier to just come out, and tell The Community the reason why? IMO They should close the casket! already . The Gamers that is really suffering is the Map Community . One of my Friends Sabotur Showed me his really cool Map called Sub-Zero, and it has snow and Icebergs really nicely done. That is only thing he could do is "Show Me" You can't get A full room , or even enjoy playing on it .You can't even CHOOSE! The Gamemode you like! The FarCry 3 Multiplayer is Done! Casket Closed!
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    Originally Posted by player3069 Go to original post
    @ DapperHayden 007 That may be the exact reason why they aviod the issue of vehicles, and I respect that BUT! Why does Ubisoft have everyone guessing? Wouldn't it be easier to just come out, and tell The Community the reason why? IMO They should close the casket! already . The Gamers that is really suffering is the Map Community . One of my Friends Sabotur Showed me his really cool Map called Sub-Zero, and it has snow and Icebergs really nicely done. That is only thing he could do is "Show Me" You can't get A full room , or even enjoy playing on it .You can't even CHOOSE! The Gamemode you like! The FarCry 3 Multiplayer is Done! Casket Closed!

    MSV-Vextor just make the first step to lead a new way to deal with Ubisoft fans.

    Many made alot of mistakes and wrong attitude but maybe things could change with MSV-Vextor.....all at Ubisoft could follow his attitude, to help all the other to understand here is something to let them think....

    Businesses Forget How to Listen to Customers

    Ubisoft worked so hard to create an awesome singleplayer universe, a Free Roam Multiplayer mode on this huge universe with vehicles, AIs, Animals and mini games like Red Dead Redemtion would have been awesome, so why Ubisoft didn't do it...because they completely forget how to listen to customers....

    It seems like many business people are becoming so technology addicted to their iPhones and email that they forget to listen to what their customers want, or even forget to ask. Attention spans have compressed to seconds, and face-to-face conversations, with the hugely important body language, are avoided in favor of texting and anonymous Internet surveys.

    It shouldn’t surprise you that a recent Harris survey found that a quarter of all Internet users think it’s okay to stay online during sex. Slightly more said it’s okay to be “plugged in” during their honeymoon, and eight percent think it’s alright to surf the web during religious services. I can’t imagine any of these people taking the time to listen to their customers.

    In fact, really listening to customers happens so rarely these days that you can actually gain a competitive edge just by doing it. Here are some tips on how to do it effectively, for those people on your staff who may have forgotten how:

    1. Don’t confuse customer needs with your needs.

    When you are selling, your entire focus should be on figuring out what your customers want, and giving it to them. Resist the urge to sell them on your way, just because it matches your offering, or you think it’s more supportable. Win the business, build the relationship, then talk about alternatives.

    2.Meet or talk to your customers in person, and provide feedback.

    Instead of using the technology to avoid customer contact, use it to make personal contact via the phone or Skype, anywhere in the world. Impersonal email surveys and computer voice response units cannot convince your customers that you are listening.

    3.Keep your pride and ego under control.

    Pride in your hot new product line may tempt you to tout it’s features, before you really listen to customer needs. When your ego talks, you will quickly be seen as disingenuous. If the customer isn’t contributing 60% or more of the conversation, not enough listening is going on.

    4.Don’t ask questions that start with “why''.

    This kind of question will usually make the customer immediately defensive, so neither party will be listening, and the relationship will suffer. Always ask open-ended questions that encourage a dialogue, rather than one-word answers.

    5.Never ridicule or dismiss a response.

    Customers instinctively know when you can’t wait to give your view without truly reflecting on the message, and this is interpreted as not listening. You should always ask questions with a curious, inquiring and interested tone, and pause thoughtfully before answering or moving to the next question.

    6.Good listeners respond to broad comments with probing questions.

    Preprinted customer feedback forms, or a fixed set of questions, are not the best way of getting customer needs. Good interviewers think on their feet and go where the discussion leads them, rather than stick to a script.

    7.When you use social networks, keep a personal touch.

    Social networks on the Internet provide a great opportunity to convince customers you are listening, if you do it right. Post enough feedback to prove you are listening, on a timely basis, with a sense of humor, be authentic, and don’t shout down critics.

    Listening has always been important in any relationship, and in business it’s more important than ever because customers have more options than ever. Outbound marketing statements are perceived as clutter, and too many are filled with doubletalk.

    Also, with the technology today, whether you listen or not, customers will make themselves heard. If you don’t care, or can’t convince your customers that you listen, you can bet they will find a competitor who does....
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    @ MSV-VEXTOR ^^ I stand corrected their is some explanation as to why , and You have my respect for that. I think this is where The Community is missing the point. as you said "We Did Not Intend On Have Vehicles " Here is where Ubisoft Massive is missing the point " We Intended On Having Vehicles" Here is the problem Ubisoft Massive went A totally different directon than FarCry 2 THINKING! it was a better way. I don't think Ubisoft Massive realised what kept The Community together. FarCry is not some "Solo" Adventure like CALL OF DUTY! where you meet Hundreds of different gamers a day not caring "Who" you play . FarCry 2 brought us a Structure where you could play with your Friends , and mostly same gamers on A daily basis. The Community did not want A CALL OF DUTY! style of gameplay . No Battle Cry , No Radar, No Perks, No New Kill Cam, No Cling Life None Of That! Being apart of This Close Knit Community WE! are being forced to play something that is completely BROKEN! AND! NOT! ENJOYABLE! AT! ALL! I paid my $62, and I expect A quality game . FarCry 2 is a good foundation to build on. The Direction Ubisoft Massive went was a "BUST" The Wrong direction, and now you have angered the Community beyond repair. MSV-VEXTOR Don't you understand?
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