Hey guys, while digging for some kind of update about 1.6, I stumbled across this image from an internal Ubisoft Kiev Annual meeting.There is lots to comment on in this photo, the first thing is clearly the (not surprising) confirmation that GRFS: Next is happening. Further we know that it is indeed (as of now anyways) planned for a PC release, and we also know that unfortunately Ubisoft Kiev will likely be responsible for the PC release again. I say unfortunately because GRFS was/is such a disaster.More interesting is the bullet point "Released a really great game under tough working conditions." That definitely makes me wonder "what was tough about it?" Things that pop to my mind as possibilities are:
  • Tight timeline, resulting in a rushed development
  • Too small of a budget
  • Too small of a team

Whatever they feel was "tough" about the working conditions for this game, it undoubtedly plays a big role in the launch quality of the game. They mention both UI and multiplayer as notable "great work™", which as a customer I find very frustrating, because I feel both these things were very far from "great," especially with the multiplayer still being very broken today for a very large percentage of customers.

If they feel the GRFS PC release was so great™ it really makes me wonder if they even hear/see/care about the feedback & customer frustrations expressed on this forum. Are there so many filters & layers between us and them that they don't even have a clear picture of what we think about their game, or do they simply not care? Are they really so out of touch?

And its not like this is an external document where you maintain a positive attitude for the press. This is an internal document, this slide would lead us to believe that they are generally happy with the Quality of the PC release and the level of support since.Very interesting anyways.