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    ZombiU Patch Adds More Ammo, Lives, and Makes Zombies Easier to Kill

    Ubisoft Montpellier, ZombiU developers, have addressed many criticisms of the game in a new patch that will go live next week. They hope that this update will make the game into the action shooter it was meant to be.

    “The low review scores disappointed us so we went back to the drawing board to see what we could do about it,” says director Jean Philippe Caro, “While we wanted the game to have more of a survival horror feel, many felt it should be an action shooter. I would rather have some people play the game than no one play it at all.”

    “One of the major complaints about the game was that there was not enough ammo,” Caro says, “People love shooting zombies so we decided to add many random ammo spawns in all the maps. Now people can go trigger-happy on all the zombies they see so instead of panicking when there are 4 or 5 zombies surrounding you, you can just shoot them all and go on your merry way.”

    “Another thing that people complained about was the permanent death feature of the game,” he continues, “So we added lives in the game. People were too frightened about losing everything they earned so now they can breathe a little bit easier. No one likes losing progress in a game and we agree with that. After all, what’s the point of being scared of losing everything?”

    “One more thing that bothered people was how difficult the zombies were to kill. Our intention was to make every single zombie fight to be a struggle rather than an easy encounter seen in other games,” Caro explains, “Our execution of this concept may not have resonated with all the players so now most zombies die in one hit. Maybe our next game will deal with this concept better.”

    GameSpot has revised its original review score from 4.5 to 5.0 with the new changes. Among their new criticisms is that it is too similar to other zombie games.

    My thoughts:Is this a joke?The bugs and glitches needed fixing,not the gameplay!I like the gameplay the way it is!I don't want or need another action shooter!
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    omg just like ghost recon,dont address the game problems and mess with the mechanics to suite noobs who dont realise THIS IS NOT CALL OF DUTY,its a survival horror.

    i hope they give you the option to kee[p the game the way it is,being carefull with ammo etc makes the game.

    im realy enjoying the game,i just wish i didnt get disconected from ubi servers ALL THE TIME,9/10 times i go to spray on a wall and i get the you need to be online to do that..eh. ,lol..it should say ubis servers arnt working.

    cheers for info,pretty gutted there dumbing this game down,its not that tough..and theres a chicken mode for folk that cant shoot,phfff

    i must admit sometimes it takes way too many whacks with the bat to drop a zombie,but its no biggy.
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    p.s im not accepting any update that changes the game from a s horror to a stupid shooter,theres zombies in cod for the kiddies.
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    LMFAO yeah right... turn the game into a 3+ rated game with lives and more ammo... O M G.... I did the whole game on hard difficulty and not a single time I was in need of ammo or what so ever. I am nearly to the end of the game (stuck duo bugs which moron developers @ ubisoft cant fix) and only died 3 times (on my 4th character now).

    If you need more ammo, go play "My little pony" or "Mario kart" instead of crying so the developers (which obviously are impotent morons, but that aside) so they will turn a "nice game" into a kiddy game that a 3 year old can finish with his eyes closed...

    Thanks ubisoft for anothing mayor stupid choice you just made to destroy your games even more
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    I don't think this is real I have seen this on the net before
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    So there's a patch to break the game's design, but not one to fix the glitches?
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    **** nooooo!!!
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    Wtf is this really true : /

    I was going to pick up a wiiU tomorrow as the this seemed liked the first decent zombie survival game also the hard difficulty is really appealing. However if this patch nonsense is true i won't bother : /
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    Don't bother, either way.

    As is the game is broken. There are at least 6 ways the game will let you down. How long that takes is up to you. 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours of gameplay?
    And then Useless-Soft's lack of beta testing will leave you reaching for the re-start button.

    Or, rather, go ahead and get the game. Play it. It's fun. But it's broken. Then you will join the rest of us souls ****ed to wonder mindlessly around this forum wailing "PAAAATCHES".

    Only to hear silence echo back.
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    Thanks for the heads up but i have been lurking here for quite a while now, all the glitches that stop progression etc are bad my friend that has the game tho has experienced none of this so far (maybe just luck)

    Either way it makes no sense at ALL for them to patch and change the mechanics of the game : / especially when there is way more important stuff that needs fixing

    Why would you make the game ridiculously easy ubisoft
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