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    Need help with the mission, Kicking The Hornet's Nest

    i can;nt get pass, kicking the hornets nest mission. i've burned all the pot feilds, the game said i burned 3/5.

    i restared from the checkpoint several times,but the same thing happens.

    i started a new game, when i got to the mission, kicking the hornets nest. i ran into the same problem.

    all i can think of, is the 1.02 patch (PS3) did something. i did two play throughs before the patch and had no problems.

    any help would be appreciated.
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    I have the same problem, and it has to be the patch because I was playing through on a 2nd save and quit right before the mission, next day I got the patch and can't continue the game. I even made a new save after that to make sure it wasn't a glitched save, but still same glitch. Someone needs to fix this, because I have seen several other people with the same problem.
    btw I also play on PS3.
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    i belive "it is" the 1.02 patch, not only that. it may have also corrupted our save file(s).

    i deleted the data file, tried to continue by starting from last checkpoint, had no luck. i than tried restarting the mission, again i had no luck.

    so i started a new play through without the 1.02 patch and when i got to the, kicking the hornets nest mission, i had no problems getting passed it.

    Ubi really needs to fix this, ASAP!!
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