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    Well I disagree with pretty much anything that was written on the first pages.
    I like the game, the voice actors, the characters, the AI(they see you in the open but not behind bushes or from far away=makes it possible to use stealth)
    the game took me a good amount of time to play and now has a mp and coop so its worth the money.

    I even like the mp although its somewhat laggy, some enemies seem to win due to a better connection(IMO) and its random call of duty spawn points(i like a base spawn)

    minor things I dislike:

    the atagonist dies too soon

    the citra girl dislikes you somewhat in the beginning and then after you met her 3 times and didn't talk much she LOVES you?

    players in mp rarely revive you
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    Originally Posted by Mutant1988 Go to original post
    But yeah, long story short: I knew Far Cry 3 would have issues when I bought it. I took a risk and for me, it paid off. The positives outweigh the negatives. The reason for my antipathy is simply because expressing such an opinion was dismissed as just being a corporate apologist or having low standards. Sorry, but that pisses me off.
    I wouldn't have dismissed your statements if you had not dismissed mine, by saying that I should just 'get over my dislikes' and not mention them so they can be rectified by someone who has the power to do so.

    Originally Posted by Mutant1988 Go to original post
    Regardless, it's about time Ubisoft patch this game.
    They're probably busy making some DLC so they can squeeze a bit more cash out...

    Originally Posted by thehounddog56 Go to original post
    This is the *****iest forum post I've probably ever read.

    Sure enough the multiplayer still has issues, but it's really good, could be better FPS.. but i'm sure there are going to be patches to sort A LOT of things out for the MP. And as for the single player, it's perfect. That's why its rated so well, for the SINGLE PLAYER.
    Your idea of 'perfect' is as dumb as your post.
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    Originally Posted by beauregarde13 Go to original post
    I even like the mp although its somewhat laggy, some enemies seem to win due to a better connection(IMO) and its random call of duty spawn points(i like a base spawn)

    players in mp rarely revive you
    Sometimes I'll have no bars on the MP and I DESTROY the enemies, it's not CoD type lag where you're rubberbanding, it's more that you run wherever you want smoothly and you rubber-band to OTHER players. Lag seems to be an advantage sometimes - not always as there's different kinds. But I get major lag sometimes and those are often some of my best games because I know the enemy just can't hit me when I charge at them full speed. It sucks, but there's not much I can do about it.

    As for reviving, this pisses me off, but every game has idiots who don't know the concept of teamwork or sacrifice. I'll suicide-revive 3 people and then I'll die, they'll kill the enemies around and move on, leaving me wishing I'd left them in the first place.
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    It was a fun game. 8.5/10. Easily a 9/10 if the AI was a lot better. It was terrible. Second island was also disappointing, a lot blander than the first. I would have liked an option to make it more of a survival game. As you level up tigers, leopards and bears become extremely easy to kill and more of a slight nuisance than threat. Crocodiles were also lame. Wildlife was good overall but could have been outstanding with more thought.

    Most of the points mentioned in the OP were minor and irrelevant to me. The poor AI was by far the biggest deal breaker.
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    Uh, so, I think your title is a shot and a miss. The most over rated FPS in history is CoD.
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    About the Storyline, the Story ending is comparable to Mass Effect 3 imho, where you'll get forced into greyshade choices with the second ending tending more towards *bad*. It's hard to explain it without spoiling too much, but there is no *good* ending like the Hero gets his girl, saves the day and lives on there forever and that is one of the reasons this game is getting bad user reviews about the story.
    I can remember the sh*tstorm that happened after the Release of Divinity 2 : Ego Draconis about the Storyending that led to endless posts in the forums about *How bad the game was*. (One of the reasons the Add-On became a happy end option)

    However, i have to admit there could have been a bit more *spice* into the Storyline if you think about the Protagonist, he's a typical young guy, aligned with a girlfriend got a good relationship with his brothers and friends. It's not one of the *Chuck Norris* type guys, a ex-military guy on a path for vengeance so how should someone like him behave if you get kidnapped, loose your brother and get a gun after your rescue? Would you seriously start going around, killing Pirates (alone?!?) while having never ever fired a gun in your life before?
    The beginning of Game's Story is where it's lacking the most, not the End in my opinion.
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    I agree with some of the parts. Jason is a terrible and very unrealistic character. He goes from boo-hooing about watching a pirate get stabbed in the neck by his brother, Grant, to burning people alive and actually enjoying it. That and how does a person who admits to never shooting in his life, turn into a weapons master capable of shooting someone in the head with a sniper rifle from a couple of hundred meters away? Personally, Grant would've made a more sensible protagonist.

    Although, I disagree with you stating that liberating outposts is repetitive. It's only repetitive if you play it like that. I would usually liberate an outpost differently every single time. One time I put a few C4 on a hang glider, dropped down and set it off near a bunch of enemies. Other times I would go in silently with Shadow (the silenced pistol), and take out a base undetected with takedowns. Another time I placed mines at the entrances to the compound, went in with a flame thrower and a shot gun, killed everyone inside, and simply waited for the reinforcements to set off my mines. And there's nothing like quicking scoping with an Anti-Material Rifle.
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    Finally, someone who sees how BAD this game actually is. I agree with all the points that you bring up. Funny story, one of my "friends" refuses to speak to me because I said it sucked.
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    I'm glad lots of people are still reading this thread. I haven't had a chance to check out any of the DLC yet but I could guess it won't do much to fix all these issues.

    If the DLC 'does' fix some of these issues please if you have the time point a few of them out.
    I've gotten quite a bit of comments on youtube too on my videos of these bugs. I only wish I had a video of the one where I put a demolition pack inside a driver lol.
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    Don't ever try to review games again.

    Because I like to do this a lot on other forums, I'm going to put counter arguments on every point you made if I feel it is invalid, because a lot of the things you said are really, really, REALLY dumb.

    Far Cry 3 overall was terrible..

    Not only was everything so ridiculously repetitive... from liberating outposts, to freeing radio towers, to Raykat challenges and especially those Hunter missions.
    It was just a mockery to other FPS games in general. So I felt the need to explain, so in the future, whoever is responsible for the next Far Cry, if there will be one, will endeavor to not make it such a disgrace to FPS games as this one.

    Okay, first mistake here is that you're trying to compare the game to other FPS games, and not other free world games. In terms of shooting mechanics, yes, it's a smart idea to compare those to other stealth/action shooters (depending on how you play), but the examples you used have nothing to do with other FPS games.

    Here are the reasons why I think that Far Cry 3 sucked, and why it is without a doubt the most over-hyped game of 2012...
    (in no particular order)

    1. The voice acting is terrible... it sounds like there are only 5 men who have had their voices recorded (and even less with women) and on top of that, just about every piece of dialogue is exactly the same with only the voices changed. Raykat warriors and enemies alike can also have their voices change completely after finishing saying everything that is possible for them to say. They simply have another voice that is different from their first one and they just repeat almost the same dialogue.

    So, I guess Vaas never appeared in your copy of the game. Although the random NPC goons don't exactly have movie quality actors, that's because they're GOONS. The important part of the voice acting is from the characters, and almost all of them did at the very least well, and others, like Vaas, were absolutely stellar. I've never played a game in which the cannon fodder had good voice acting, because they're not about to pay Hollywood actors to voice act the guys that most people just kill in one shot and never listen to them speak.

    2. Again with the voices... after liberating an outpost you'll be able to hear no less than at least 2 times the guy next to the bulletin board tell you that "You can help out by checking stuff on the bulletin board" which are only ever 1 to 2 of 2 different things. Normally you will be told more like 4-6 times. Also "I wonder what she's cooking" who bro?? WHO? THERE'S NO ONE ELSE AROUND!!!! "We'll free this place of pirates, Citra promised!" NO YOU WON'T. YOU'RE USELESS. I'MDOINGEVERYTHINGFORYOU!!!

    So, what's wrong with him saying that the stuff on the bulletin board, when done, will help the outpost? Just because there isn't much doesn't mean there isn't a thing to do. Did you expect to have a dozen different posters on each bulletin board? Next, clearly, the guard is probably referring to one of the many normal villagers in the game world. In case you didn't notice, the Rakyat live on the island with their families. How do you know they're not talking about their wife? Finally, just because you're doing a lot of the work doesn't mean that the island isn't being freed of pirates. And also, you're not the one defending the bases from the pirates -- they're attacked on a regular basis, I've been there as it happens multiple times, and they've managed to wipe them out multiple times before I even get to them.

    3. Mini-games... these are pointless because it is easy as heck to find enough money in the game, especially after you get the perk/skills that allow you to sell things for more at the store and find more money on people when you loot them. Add that together with the fact that if you just 'takedown' everyone, you loot them automatically (with the relevant skill) and thus this makes getting money easy as... oh and unlocking radio towers makes all the expensive guns 'free' too. Just about every guy towards the end can be looted for about $50... + items So yeah these mini-games are neither fun, (and the poker one is especially stupid, especially on expert) nor are they a good source of money when massacring everyone is far better. Those Raykat challenges which are just slaughter fests.. it's so easy to more than double the [UBI] guy's best score... free $500 and 400xp... no 'challenge' there. Also Raykat warriors are pathetically broke compared to other people.. looting them for $1? LOL!!

    Yeah, how dare they include more things to do in the game! Stupid game developers, giving you tonnes of minigames to play around with. Don't they know that adding stuff to the game world is dumb?!
    And most of the guns that are unlocked from the radio towers are obsolete by the time you reach them -- I either already had the weapons that became free, or I had a weapon that was better. And by the time the good weapons start to become free, you're using mostly signature weapons... Or, at least, I was.
    And why would they reward you for killing your teammates? The whole point is you have no incentive to kill them! That's not stupid, that's clever game design -- giving people like you a reason to NOT kill your allies.

    4. Raykat warriors are the most useless and pathetic bunch of guys in the entire game. They die in 1 or 2 shots.. just about any predator animal can kill them in 1 hit.. they are pathetic, they are weak, they are in no way "true warriors" at all and just about every one of Vaas' or Hoyt's men kill them in seconds. When betraying them they don't do any damage to you, nor do they knock you down if you get close. They suck at shooting you, or anything else. I have never come across a bunch of 'good' guys who are so useless at fighting in any FPS game I have ever played in my life.. If they aren't dying and falling all over each other they're driving around doing absolutely nothing or uselessly sitting at a base which never ever comes back under attack from any antagonists in the game after being freed. Sure guys, don't even wear body armor or anything! Those tattoos will protect you! You'll be right!

    Again, I have seen Rakyat survive pirate raids with ease with no help from me. And, to be fair, the animals that so easily kill the Rakyat also kill the pirates pretty **** easily, too, and can kill a low level Jason without batting an eye.

    5. Animals are stupid.. heck, just about every AI in the game is stupid. Even Hoyt's men are stupid letting you sneak past them so easily. The only difference is they carry high powered weapons etc. that do tons more damage if you leave yourself out in the open. If anything they're just more 'unforgiving' and hold down the trigger finger more than any of the other 'bad guys' in the game. But back to Animals...

    So...In a game with an emphasis on stealth, you're complaining about being able to sneak around? And how does them having powerful guns make them 'dumb?'

    6. Yes.. animals are stupid and easy to kill. You want to kill a bear? Shoot it 3 times with a shotgun.. you want to kill a tiger.. shoot it 5 times with a shotgun.. ummm how is that realistic? How does a tiger take more bullets to bring down than a bear? Why are the bears so small in this game.. they're bear-ly (lol) bigger than Jason and he's just a 'kid'. Why aren't there enough tigers in this game? Dogs and everything else, which start off as dangerous as, at the start of the game. Become an annoyance that you don't care about later on. Because you can easily massacre anything that isn't a Leopard, Bear or Tiger with any of the weapons you get later on. Thus making hunting one of the shortest "good things" about the game. Also add the fact that those caged animals that kill some enemies for you if you free them. Later on they die in seconds before being able to do anything because everyone has guns, (and training) that they can easily deal with them. Add together the fact that all the animals are so predicable once you learn their patterns. Bears always stand up before attacking etc. Buffalo always prod the ground before attacking etc.. thanks for all the warnings guys!

    So...The animals getting easy to kill by the time you reach the end-game. Like every other game to ever have an end game. Ever.
    Enemies becoming easy by the end of the game is inevitable. Also, what shotgun were you using to kill those tigers -- they die in two with the Signature shotgun, and bears in three. Also, of course you can easily kill smaller, weaker animals easily by the end -- that's called progression.

    7. Every area that is liberated or cleared completely of collectibles etc. is never returned to in the game. Got the skins you need, killed the people you needed to, done the quests etc. and a bunch of other stuff? Ok, cool! No need to ever return to the starting town ever, (I even forgot the name) all places apart from the 'temple' are just places that are liberated, looted and then you never go back there. It's pathetic seeing as 85% of the game is just something that is completed and then moved on with. Especially considering that the game advertises itself like an open world game.. Need some shark skins? Kill 3 of them with a mounted gun on a boat and you'll never have to ever go swimming in the ocean ever again 99.9% guaranteed! Unless you want go and oggle yourself at dem pretty jellyfishes!

    So, allow me to reword into the simplest terms
    "All of the zones, when you clear of them of literally everything in them, have nothing in them afterwards! How does that work? And when I get enough Shark skins to make things, I don't need more anymore! It's like some kind of sorcery!"

    8. Jason Brody is the world's worst protagonist of any game ever. Seriously.. a stupid rich kid with equally stupid friends.. Ok that fits. But he never grows up... and that's no spoiler.. I'll explain more later, but it had to be added here so you don't think I'm crazy for not having complained about it sooner. His 'personality' never matches all the stuff he has done. Neither at the start of the game, nor at the end.

    Jason is a spoiled rich kid, who, whilst trying to save his friends, becomes a cold blooded killer! At the beginning of the game, every time he killed somebody, he'd be horrified. They make a point of showing how obsessed with death he's become by the time you get Citra the knife. That's what makes him a good character! He's not SUPPOSED to grow up -- he views the murder as a sick kind of game by the end, because he's a spoiled rich kid who's never had to deal with this stuff before. At first it's sickening to him, but then, because he starts to enjoy it, it becomes what all things he does that he enjoys become -- entertainment. And that's the moral of the story -- You are complaining about not understanding the character properly!!

    9. Weapon balancing is ridiculous. It takes 3 grenades that you dropped yourself at your own feet to kill you with 6 bars of health... LOL WHAT??? Molotovs have no 'inital damage from exploding in your face and just do damage-over-time.. but it takes ages for you to burn to death even at 0 bars of health whilst standing in a fire... on top of this some enemies take so many bullets to go down, others take none.. Heavys can take 3+ grenades (which seems fine if I can drop 3 of them at my feet and die) but it's still completely unrealistic... not only that but they take at least 20 bullets from your best Assault Rifle in the face to die? So a grenade won't blow up their gas-tank (on the flamers etc).? Boooorringg.. instead force me to assassinate them, snipe them with the AMR or just fill them full of lead over and over again...

    OH HEY!
    A valid point!
    Yes, the weapon balancing is very off -- grenades aren't as strong as they should be, and heavies are much too powerful to be realistic.
    Congratulations!!! You were smart for once!

    10. Bugs... so many bugs..

    Never encountered any bugs whilst playing. Not once.

    11. Dragging people with the relevant skill after killing them with a takedown is the slowest thing ever and if anything is more annoying than it is useful. When you quickly want to kill someone and then move on normally you are stuck while the game waits if you want to drag them or not for about another second. Which is great (not) when you are getting shot at by people... Also falling damage in the game is seriously messed up. Jump whilst running down any hill and watch yourself lose THREE BARS of health.. and then either relocate your wrist/finger etc. or stupidly bandage cuts on your arm up.. LOL!??? 3 BARS from just a tiny jump... sliding down cliffs is the same.. just slide down slowly and watch a bar or 2 disappear.. Also since when can you ever use those above and below takedowns? Let alone the double above and below ones. It seems so much work was put on them and all in all I was only able to kill 1 person with the normal above one, and only 1 with the normal below one. There's never any situation where you can use either of those even if you stealth most of the game which I did.. and I got these at the very start thinking they would be awesome for the XP but in reality you never get to use them.

    Try dragging a grown man around for a while, see how long it takes. Also, try jumping down an entire flight of stairs, tell me about how many bones you break.
    And the below and above (Both single and double) I saw areas to use multiple times in the game, but because of the speed I went through the game at, I never got to use them, as I didn't have them yet.

    12. Molotovs suck.. throw one at someone, 50% chance that they will catch on fire... A guy with molotovs throws one at you, 100% chance that the entire island will catch on fire and burn like the deepest circle of hell.. this is so stupid. Molotovs have the worst range ever and the worst reach when they do explode. Fire sucks in general because even when you're standing in a green area of grass that has just caught fire and only slightly gone black, you're still on fire and forced to put it out.. Not only that but nothing actually 'burns down' it just goes black which is pretty pathetic. Also you can't even blow anything up with C4 or mines.. environments were at least a little destructible with Far Cry 2... why downgrade here?

    Another mostly valid point. That's 2/12 so far -- Less that a 20% validity percentage, but better than less than 10%.

    13. As if everything is so flammable. So yeah, you think Far Cry 3 is cool because it's only the second game (after Far Cry 2 anyway) to have burnable/flammable environments? Well, as if everything so green is going to go up like it hasn't seen water for 3 decades.. it rains every-so-often anyway so why does everything go up like it's already been doused with Kerro? Or is that rain actually kerosene rain? Which brings me to...

    Another one! 3/13! You're moving up!

    14. Not enough weather effects. I am glad that Far Cry 3 had rain sometimes and thunderstorms but they don't happen enough. Neither does night-time, nor is it very dark when it is night. Nor are enemies any less likely to spot you when it is night. So useless that this mechanic is in no way realistic at all. Also I'm pretty sure that tropical islands experience a lot of rain etc..

    I remember, back when Minecraft was in beta, people were begging for weather effects. When it came, they got furious with it and started yelling about how annoying weather effects are.
    Constant rain is annoying. Every game ever has been annoying when it comes to rain. In Elder Scrolls, whenever it rained, it would be loud and obnouxious and hard to see in and just not fun, and it was even worse in my above example.
    I'm glad there isn't constant rain in the game. It would be annoying.

    15. Syringes suck.. and are a pain to use. So you give us a bunch of different types of Syringes and yet only limit the amount we can carry to 12? So I can carry 4 weapons, $10,000 max and 16 something rockets but I can only make a Syringe kit big enough for 12 Syringes.. and you're only going to let me bind/assign 2 buttons to Syringes and I have to share these buttons with Fire arrows, etc. for the bow as well? Also a repair kit for the car takes an entire weapon slot???? and all I get is some money for helping some clown fix his car.. or my own? Hardly worth it! Get real man, that is so stupid. No cool HUD like Dishonored where I can't instantly bring up my Syringe kit and pump myself full of drugs...? No awesome Syringe recipe that gives me the effects of everything near end-game? Not only that but even with the skill, half the Syringes barely last more than 30 seconds which isn't enough because everyone knows you can't just keep popping them whilst getting shot at in a fight. You're already doing that with the healing ones already! Also can't use more than 1 at a time.. which is just dumb. Also the constant 'doping' just to stay alive is pretty un-thoughtout.. why not add food? You're on a tropical island.. so why create drugs for the game but not cool meals etc. that you can eat to provide huge long time bonuses etc.. no instead we just inject ourselves over NINE THOUSAAAND TIMES with roids while we're being shot at so we can continue to shoot back.

    So, wait -- you'd rather gobble up an entire meal in the middle of a firefight in a matter of seconds, as opposed to the most realistic injection of the healing syringe? Yeah, it doesn't make much sense, but every time you can eat food in the middle of a fight, people make fun of it -- look at, once again, Elder Scrolls.

    16. What the ... were WHITE FLOWERS ever used for anyway????!!!! So there's white flowers around.. yet what ingredient are they ever used for? I was carrying around 20 of them at the end of the game but they were never used for anything.. not only that but why can I not find a single green plant anywhere near the end of the game? Is that your idea of making the game 'harder' by just forcing me to spend the $10,000 I so easily made on just buying healing meds at the self-serve? LOL!!

    From what I can tell? They're used for Special Syringes, which I think you need to unlock the recipes to, somehow... I'm not sure exactly how.

    17. Where did that old guy go who gave you the Tatau anyway? In fact where did any of the Raykat warriors go and when did the game change from being about liberating the island from psychos, to saving your friends, to killing, to saving etc. again and again. The story jumps around like mad because there really is no story. It's just like Far Cry 2... go here, kill these guys.. go there, blow this up etc. How on earth does that girl (Don't remember her or anyone else's name because lets face it, they aren't really part of the game) think that she is going to repair that boat with a GIGANTIC hole in the side of it!!! Look at this hole!:
    The picture is kind of dark, but that's HUGE and you're going to fix that.. and umm.. how exactly are you going to get it out of that cave? LMFAOO!!! It won't fit out the entrance and there's no other way out.. Are you going to fix it, then dismantle it and then put it back together again outside BAHAHAHA???!
    At least things like Halo have a story, and are moderately believable even if it's a bad one... Not only that but Far Cry 3 is soooo predicable! (See spoilers point 22).

    Um, Dennis (That's his name, right?) shows up EVERYWHERE. I haven't actually gone to Hoyts island yet (I'm on the quest to do it, though), so if he's not there, THAT MAKES SENSE BECAUSE HE'S STILL AT HIS HOME!!!
    Why would he EVER be on Hoyts island?
    And I can tell you exactly when the plot changed the way it did.
    The first third of the game is saving you friends. Then you find out that (SPOILERS! EVERY THING UNDERLINED IS SPOILERS!) Vaas killed your younger brother as well, so you head out to kill Vaas and avenge his death. And then, because Citra decides she loves you now, and Jason is a spoiled rich kid, he decides to stay on the island with Citra and kill Hoyt for her. That makes sense -- If you're paying even a little bit of attention, you would know these things!

    18. Why does everyone have to either be on Drugs (the doctor), or on Drugs (Vaas) or on Drugs (the guy who needs me to get his medicine, AND DON'T say that he wasn't on drugs!) or on Drugs (your idiot blonde friend who I don't remember his name anyway) why is everyone taking drugs? Or is insane in general.. it gets a bit much and it gets a bit boring when everyone is crazy and has some stupid crazy story to tell. "My daughter got abducted by aliens and they also took the packages man!!" seriously... w..t..f?

    If you were on an island with very little electricity or cable connection, and you were literally surrounded by drugs everywhere, and there was no law enforcement to be found, what would you do for recreation?
    It's the same deal in Fallout -- other than murder, cards, or the radio, there's nothing to do in the world, so people make, and take, a lot of drugs. And in real life, a lot of people who have no access to electricity and are very poor will end up doing drugs.

    [B]19. Hunting mini-games suck in particular. "Go here and kill 3 bears with a pistol" are you nuts? Even with the medicine that makes you kill animals faster it still takes more than an entire clip to kill one, and they are all grouped together in a bunch and easily maul your face off... "Kill 5 leopards with a bow" the bow sucks and is so inaccurate. (Here you will complain about my aim, but I bet I'm a better shot than you) arrows go through enemies and into the soil if they are too close, and everything is, when you're being chased by a leopard or some other predator whilst trying to kill it with a bow. And how on earth do Komodo dragons take more shots to kill than most other things? I don't care if they have tough skin (I've watched enough National Geographic) to know that an arrow or two would kill or at least immobilize a Komodo..[/B[

    That's 4/19! The hunting quests are quite dumb at times -- kiling dogs with an RPG is probably the silliest thing I've seen in a game that was trying to be serious.

    20. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GIVE US THE OPTION TO TURN OFF THE CAR RADIO!!! Seriously, there's only 5 songs played at all, and all the dubstep in the game is disgusting. I ended up dying like 20 times whilst torching all the Marijuana/Cannabis in that level and being forced to listen to 'Make it bun dem' by Skrillex on LOOP over, and over and over. It made my ears bleed, and almost gave me cancer. Did you clown devs really think that putting dubstep in this game and then adding dubstep references like when I walk up to Vaas' headquarters the handbook says "Because only bad guys listen to dubstep", that this would make the game 'cool' and appeal to everyone of this day and age? Dubstep is trash, but that's a whole different topic and is again, only my opinion. But christ, your made an 'island' game and there is a plethora of 'relevant' music available on earth that you could have put in it. Even Kokomo by The Beach Boys would have been better. Are you really too lazy and too cheap to pay licencing on a bunch of good, appropriate songs, that you'd rather get 1 or 2 really famous, really popular ones and pay a fortune in licencing for those instead? Especially when they don't fit the 'mood' of the game at all. But no really, I dreaded every time getting into a car because it's always just the same stuff. You know you've played Far Cry 3 too long when you remember every one of those little tunes off by heart...

    EDIT: Apparently there is the option to turn off the radio? FFFUUUUUUU-- I played for days with it on.. AAARRGGGHHH!!!! Then at least make it more obvious how to turn it off!!!

    So, your entire complaint was rendered 100% invalid without me even touching it. Also, again, spoiled rich kid is gonna listen to spoiled rich music -- Pop and techno and dubstep and all that stuff. It's relevant to the character!
    And let's be honest -- this island isn't Hawaii. It's a savage land filled with drugs, murder, and crime. If you ran into a fight and all the sudden stereotypical surfer music started playing, you wouldn't be able to get into it.

    21. Why am I able to craft things underwater? Why am I able to fast-travel in mid-air while falling or flying or parachuting, or whilst in a car going over a cliff to avoid from dying? Why do jellyfish look like they are filled with halogen? Even after you unlock and get all the skills your Tatau isn't completed (if you go and look at the Tattoo in skills) which I think is stupid. It's only completed after you choose an ending. How can something so important, and so previously referenced be bugged and messed up like this?

    Okay, so, first off, this is about 4 different points. Let me tackle each one in order.
    1, 2, and 3: Who cares? The first is trivial, the second is an exploit, and the third is for the sake of appearance.
    And 4: It's not 'bugged and messed up.' It's a design choice to have the tatau have story specific sections. Once again, this is so trivial that it's not even funny, and it should affect the game in any way unless you are the world's worst nitpicker EVER.


    I'm gonna skip everything that's a spoiler here, because again, not on Hoyt's island yet.

    29. No decent rewards in the game.. just money and xp.. when you've already got all your skills all that matters is money. When you have tons of both there is no need to do any missions at all for a $0 reward. 6 notes and you get the sword/dagger thing.. 20 easy relics and you get another gun etc.. that's like 10% of how many you actually need to find to find them all. I thought you would have learned from how boring we all said getting all the diamonds was in Far Cry 2. Nothing even all that incredible if you do get everything. Who would bother?

    Collectables are 100% optional and you should only get them if you really really want bragging rights. They don't affect the core experience of the game, and every game to ever have collectables has had this problem. Also, not doing the quests because the reward isn't worth it is so ******ed it's not even funny -- try enjoying the game, instead of trying to min/max everything!

    30. The multiplayer sucks. Please don't think that I would forget about the multiplayer. I could write a whole separate thread on how much the multiplayer sucks. So here i'll just say that it sucks for reasons that everyone knows. Also this thread is about the Single-player so I won't go into details.

    Be happy that they added one AT ALL! The fact that the main story is as good as it is, and they still had time for a multiplayer AND a coop mode should more than enough for you!

    31. Far Cry 3 stole so many things from other games... Radio Towers are the same as lookouts in Assassins Creed.. the 'evil' ending is basically the same as Fear 2. Ruins might as well have come from Uncharted games, and tons of other games... climbing etc. was all so 'static' just look for rope or vines to jump to.. and the jumping and climbing system was so stupid. You could either dive bomb off the edge or not drive far enough..

    Oh...Oh my god...
    Okay, hold on a sec...
    Assassin's Creed is owned by Ubisoft. FarCry is owned by Ubisoft. The idea of climbing somewhere high to see things better is not a foreign concept in gaming.
    Uncharted itself is basically Tomb Raider with a dude, and nobody complained -- ruins aren't exclusive to Tomb Raider, and they're not exclusive to Uncharted. It's a god ****ed ruin! If it's ripping off anything, than it's Indiana Jones, not god ****ed Uncharted!
    I had the evil ending spoiled for me, so allow me to say that (AGAIN UNDERLINE = SPOILER) Getting stabbed by your 'friend' is not exactly an ultra rare plot point. It happened in COD:MW2 more than once! It's not like it's a unique thing that FEAR 2 introduced to the mainstream media!
    And also, IT'S NOT A PLATFORMER! Of course the platforming isn't going to be 100% amazing, it's not Assassin's Creed, it's not Prince of Persia, it's a first person RPG Shooter! WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? A 100% flawless game with not a single thing wrong with it?!

    32. Little things like driving into a small tree and your car getting totaled instead of plowing the tree over. Shadows never seem to be drawn all that well... there is tons of 'floating grass' that looks like it was all placed so quickly by devs and without any double checking at all. Driving off a small cliff and your car getting totaled again, instead of just getting a little bump.. whilst driving over another bump results in it exploding.. Can't even change the view when driving.. The map at the start showed that Jason and his brother had 'escaped' the camp when in actual fact they were basically still in it.. annoying repetitive dialogue... enemies can only ever seem to say 5 things each.. 5 things from the Raykat.. (as explained above) Vaas' men "When I find you I'm going to gut you" "I'll kill you" "It's so f**ng hot" "Ah it burns when I... (lol this one is funny though)" and Hoyt's men "Ooh Hoyt is hiring pretty boys now.. etc (LOL)" but still it's all so limited. All these little things just make the game feel so cheap and pathetic.

    No game is going to have no graphical mistakes. No game is going to have infinite lines of dialogue. And in a first person game, you're not about to change to third person, especially when the whole point is that you never leave the first person perspective -- the entire game is from that perspective.

    I mean it's obvious that every 9.5 rating was given before anyone got even half way through the game.. and the fact that it takes days to finish 100% even on easy due to finding all the collectibles, relics, notes, etc. and freeing all the outposts, radio towers and completing all the side-missions. It's so obvious that no one had actually finished the game before thousands of people gave their reviews on it on IGN and other similar sites. Not only that but it is so obvious that tons of the 'pro' reviews were obviously 'paid' tip-off reviews that are completely skewered.. there are so many problems with FC3, which I have both listed, and even failed to list that there is no way it's worth even close to a 9.5 out of 10 on any of the sites I have seen it rated on.

    Okay. Hold on a second. You do realize that every single professional review site out there gets copies ahead of time so that they have plenty of time to experience the whole thing? And are you really saying that just because EVERYONE WHO ISN'T YOU liked the game, that they all just didn't actually play it?
    Holy ****, you have to be joking. You seem to think that you are the final word in every game, that your word is the only word, and that you are a genius living amongst a sea of ******s. I've seen less biased and more open-minded judgements from my brothers, and he's SEVEN.

    I really hope no one bothers to waste their time complaining over minor discrepancies in my post. I mean seriously, I know I was being a bit nit-picky with some of these but the point I am trying to make is that there is too much consistency in how bad the game is, how many bugs there is and just everything else in general. So please don't bother going through my post and pointing out the tiny things. But please do feel free to enlighten me and others by fixing any errors or pointing anything else out. I'd really like that.

    These aren't minor discrepancies. These are 100% invalid points that make no sense whatsoever. You clearly decided less than halfway through that the game sucked and then just judged the whole game harshly!
    Haha, that was mockery, you probably just went into the game with a negative attitude from the very beginning, because you didn't even mention anything good about the game. You didn't even notice anything good, because you were too busy complaining about the tiniest of things to enjoy the game!

    Otherwise if you seriously think this game deserves its 9.5 out of 10 rating.. then please enjoy your ignorance and obviously you're used to just playing stuff like COD

    THAT'S IT!
    You just went as low as possible -- saying that if anybody dares disagree with you, that they're just 'Silly little COD players!'
    You had some solid points in this, but just by saying this, any shred of validity you had is GONE.
    0/32. 0%. You have lost your privelage to comment on games.

    ... because that must be convenient for you. Also I apologise for any spoilers, you were warned. There might be the teeny-tiniest little ones before the huge WARNING. But really if things like that spoil the game for you, then you obviously don't play many games. I hate spoilers myself so any others are totally unintentional, because I read this entire post through many times to try and iron them out.

    Also feel free to add things that you didn't like about the game as well here if I missed any.. and I am sure I missed hundreds. But in all reality this is enough of my time to spend on how disappointed I was with where the potential of this game went.

    Did you really just say that the only reason anybody likes this game is because it's more convenient to like it than it is to hate it?

    I review games. I have a website devoted to simply reviewing games. And even I can look at the worst games every made and pick a few good aspects about a game. Even Sonic '06 had good music and some unique setpieces.
    But you...
    You didn't like game, and instead of telling us why, you just whined and whined because it's not 100% amazing and perfect.
    Why not?
    About ANYTHING that is good in the game, because you didn't even NOTICE
    You could've made some valid points. I came here expecting maybe some valid points that I might not have noticed whilst playing that I could add to my review of the game.
    Instead, I got some stupid ******, whining about how the game isn't up to his 100% perfect standards!
    I'd really love to see what it takes for you to LIKE a game. You probably have 2 games that you've ever so much as enjoyed, because clearly, you were too busy complaining to ever notice the good in the game.
    I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if they can't even back it up with evidence, then I'm entitled to say YOU'RE ****ING ******ED!
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