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    Sidetracked major bug

    Ok I just want to figure out if we (my friends and I) are missing something. We have made our way through the second co-op mission and fight through the cave (through the darkness) once we zip line out we get a message saying we did it, but then we land and it still says we have to make our way through the cave. Trying to move on is impossible because the playable zone does not expand at all, we are just left there bellow the waterfall and no where to go.

    We have tried this mission three times, this last time around we decimated the map making sure there was not one survivor we left. After making sure absolutely every objective was completed and every one was dead we would move on. Made great progress all the way to this one area, no matter what we do there is nothing we can do about it. Has anyone experienced this? is there a work around?
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    Same issue, no fix

    Bumb, problem is exactly as OP described, this is the only "thread" in which I found this problem... Any ideas?
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