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    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter keeps disconnecting my **** internet

    Can ne 1 Please help me. I play GRAW Multiplayer v 1.35 & and when i play ne map for so long my internet keeps disconnecting. Its getting really frustrating cause all i wanna do is have a bit of fun & play online without my internet getting disconnected. If some one can help me with this situation that would great. Many thanks in return
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    Where in the world are you playing from?
    What sort of internet connection are you using and how fast?
    Are you connected by cable or by WiFi to your internet modem?
    Do you have the same issue with other games?
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    Im playing from australia. Wireless broadband is what i use to play GRAW. Theres nothin wrong with me internet. It runs @ about (2.2 MB/s) & sometimes better. This is the only game that has the net disconnection issue. It has been only disconnecting from the internet just recently but has never done so in the past. I can play S.W.A.T 4 online with out no internet disconnections problems @ all.
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    Hi, please ensure you have the correct ports open;

    PC- http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/app/answ...ail/a_id/11097
    PS3- have a look here http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/app/answ...ail/a_id/12281
    Xbox 360- please run the Xbox Live test found in the dashboard.

    If this continues then please open a ticket with Technical Support, the link is in my signature.
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