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    Farcry 3 russian menus, english sounds?

    Hey guys. So i recently purchased Farcry 3 for PC, and downloaded the client via a torrent, as I dont have the cd. I noticed it was with Russian language, and consequently downloaded the english files. Now all the sounds in the game and the subtitles are in english, but even though i set the setting to English in the game, the menus, tooltips and items are in Russian. Help? Before you ask, yes, I purchased the game legally
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    You are out of luck, there is no way to change the menus to English when you downloaded the Russian version, the English files only change the sounds, you will have to download a completely English version of the game to play in English.
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    That is not true, I downloaded an English version as I don't have the CD either and the second I activated the game (entered the serial), the game turned to Dutch.
    I hope I can change it back to English because I prefer English over my mother tongue.
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