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    Animal cages not working in Map Editor...


    I've discovered a little problem in the Map Editor and although it is little, it's very annoying. When you create a cage with the cage wall then add a cage door and put animals in it, when you shoot the cage door off the animals won't leave the cage still, so it's kind of pointless?

    Anyone else had this problem? If so is there any way to fix it?

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    I agree. I've tried everything from the cage with the door already on it to making my own cage adding the door separately. The cage w/o door is fine (obviously) but it's like something is blocking it's path when the door is there (even when it's shot to pieces).

    I've tried:
    - putting the animals closer to the door / further away from the door
    - putting the cage slightly further underground
    - putting the door (of the separate cage/door combo) slightly further away from the cage in case it was blocking the animals route still when shot.

    What I have noticed is even when the door is shot off the cage, no AI reacts to it. Almost as if they don't think it's a threat.

    Does anyone else have this problem or am I doing something really silly? It's a shame there is a bug here as this is a great little addition to any map but if it doesn't work, whats the point??
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    I'm having the same problem. I tested it out with several predators, none of them seem to work. Tapirs, however, are able to flee out of the cage as soon as the door is broken. Perhaps other herbivores work as well.
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    AI Nav mesh

    I have also been having the same problem. The problem comes from the fact that the game only calculates the area that the AI can walk once, which helps it run smoother, but causes problems like this. If you turn on the nav mesh in the options, you can see all the areas any AI can walk, but they can only walk to connected areas, and since any destroyable objects block the Nav mesh when it is calculated, and AI do not have collision-detection based movement, it is impossible to have a releaseable animal in any map like they do in the campaign.
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