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    Skip the cut scenes?

    Please patch in the ability to skip the cut scenes. With a game like Far Cry 3, a game that offers multiple ways to come at every objective, did they not think the some of us may play the game more than once? Games like this and the first Crysis get replayed like crazy because you can "attack" the problem from so many different angles. But on play through 4, do I really need to watch all of the cut scenes again? No, so please if it is not that difficult can skip-able cutscenes be added in a patch?

    P.S. Absolutely loving the hell out of this game, a big thanks to the devs.

    P.P.S Please figure out why taking postfx from medium to high increases GPU usage by 35-40%
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    I quit to desktop after an important part of a mission to tweak graphics driver profile settings, and then had to sit through a life-wasting replay of the cutscene I had JUST watched. I understand the cutscenes are important and really well-done, but how much effort does it take to have a special key set to save precious time ("Hold F to skip")?

    Along the same lines, there should be a QuickSave option for experimentation, even if it has to be later in the game for balance reasons or after completing it. It just seems so amateur and non-AAA to leave out QuickSave and to force unskippable scenes down the player's throat. What is this, 2002?

    Those two BIG gripes aside, I'm loving this game.
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    Ditto on what these folks have shared.

    Just took a break to go make dinner, came back, and now I have to go through 10 minutes of cut scenes again?

    And the quick save, like FC2, ought to respwan you right where you were. I hate having to run all the way across the maps again! (first world problems)
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    Seriously... they still haven't allowed skipping of cut-scenes? It's even more painful when you screwed up and you want to restart the mission. What even!
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    Have to agree here, some of the stuff needs to be able to be bypassed.

    If they could give us a FC2-PC (I.E. REAL PC) save system and the ability to bypass the scripted stuff, most of us would be happier.

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