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    where is the great white shark?

    on wiki it shows there is a bullshark and a great white

    since no one has found the great white yet, you think they will release it in dlc? would be cool if the great white was harder to kill since the bullshark you just tap a key and its dead.
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    There is a rare bullshark that's part of a quest, but no great whites.
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    i bet you they will add one in dlc then since it shows it on wiki, the ocean could use a little more scare
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    Yeah, there's no great white shark. I hope they add it in DLC
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    The sharks on Far Cry 3 are way too small!
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    Originally Posted by llllshadowllll Go to original post
    The sharks on Far Cry 3 are way too small!
    I find most of the animals to be too small tbh. Especially the tigers seem rather small, considering that they can reach more than 3 meters and up to 3.9 according to Wikipedia. The ones in the game are too small to be scary imo.
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