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    Rain on me come porin down, clean the dirt off this ol town..tell the sun to come around, an show its face on HOPE street
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    Originally Posted by FinchysDags Go to original post
    If I was a Forum Manager I would be demanding some better support from Ubisoft. It really isn't good enough that you are put in a position of limited power and this is not your fault, its the fault of the Ubisoft chain of command and the processes they employ. I'd like to be an Ubisoft Forum contact but I'd only ever do it if processes were to change and I would certainly be striving a hell of a lot more to get the answers the community require. When I can see that no matter how much feedback is given and nothing gets done, I would have to personally take this up with the Ubisoft HQ. It would be a hell of a lot easier if this was to come from a collective group of Ubisoft Forum POCs but as that doesn't seem to happen, there is no option but to take this to Ubisoft HQ as an effected customer.
    Unfortunately - we can't share any something we don't know, personally I would rather be hated for that, than leading people on with incorrect information.

    I do feel you are under the impression we are just sitting here, watching - we are not.

    And no, I can't give you any other answer than that - however since you are starting to get personal about the roles of the FM's - I would like to step in a defend Pixi, we ALL are here working with the community on many issues, however sometimes we just don't have any thing to share - contacting head office, would not change that - sorry to tell you.

    Just in case you are not aware - we do also look after many other games, so if sometimes it appears we are 'absent' - it maybe due to handling issues on other titles - we sometimes have to invest extra time on games - which we have done with FC3 and continue to do so..

    However as I said, if you feel the need to complain about the lack of work done by the forum staff, then that's totally upto you - however if you are doing so as an attempt to get specific answers, then you maybe disappointed.

    Now I have said that, I hope we can return to the topic of the thread..
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    I loved far cry 2. The map editor was so much fun. The game had such a niche market in the video game industry. There were so many cool escape, race and puzzle maps that people loved

    unfortunately, Far Cry 3 multiplayer SUCKS. its horrible...i bought the game because i was so excited due to the fact it still had the level editor..but in fc3 the editor is so guns and no vehicles....and no unlimited game timer.?? wtf.

    The multiplayer is horrible..absolutely horrible..after reading the forums ..i can see that there have been MANY old school far cry 2 players that feel betrayed. I certainly do. There are so many people hating this games multiplayer...

    The single player is pretty darn good..but the multipalyer is what made this series special..because it offered something you couldn't get elsewhere.. Now its just crap.

    I live on the west coast. I tossed my FC3 disc into the pacific ocean , no joke.
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    "Originally, the beta was planned to stress test the multiplayer portion of the game. However, thanks to our revised production timeline the beta was no longer required, and we're confident you will enjoy a complete multiplayer experience from day one."

    Oh, what a classic quote.

    Since this is the Multiplayer feedback thread, I think the Multiplayer is STILL in beta! Give us a f*cking patch that fixes the things in this very thread!!! Random suicides, stuck in crouch mode, host migration issues, add ammo piles, make a lobby system, make editor gameplay the same as multiplayer gameplay so it doesnt f*ck over your loyal fans, and while your at it add in vehicles and animals as a peace offering, since you know god forbid the game ACTUALLY BE FUN.
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    after a **** multiplayer expirience on far cry 3 i gave up months a go.
    now i tried again with hope some things where fixed and i even can't start a multiplayer game.i have to reset the game 5 times and gave up.
    the game had so much potential.thanks for not even trying to fix it.
    this game is history.what a waste of money.worst support i have ever seen.
    i wil never buy a ubi game again.
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    hello everyone!
    i hope i am posting this in the right place my apologise if that is not the case
    am i the only one that think the co-op is way to easy?
    seriously ive completely finished on insane multiply times
    im hoping for either more levels and yes i know that there was levels added recently but they were easy too
    and a harder difficultly because i can finish some of those level with mostly a knife on insane
    i hope that the right people will take this idea under consideration because i love the co-op in farcry 3
    and would love it to become more challenging
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    Why? You trying to track me down?
    Terrible responses by Ubisoft Support in response to a ticket I raised with Support for invisible fires encountered during Firestorm. I am sick to death of the Support Team constantly not reading the ticket properly in the first instance and sending completely irrelevant questions out. It shows a complete incompetence and unprofessional attitude.

    I have captured the responses from Support here (this is just 1 ticket of several instances like this where I feel the Support staff are less than helpful and simply send email templates without consideration of the issue being reported and the time it has taken from the user end to collate and provide evidence. I am disgusted and disgraced at Ubisoft in general. Nothing is being done to resolve issues from what I can tell. Please provide me with some communication from the Development team and/or senior Ubisoft Management if you would like to challenge me on my previous statement. I'll be eagerly awaiting a formal response from someone other than forum personnel.

    See one of my vids here. Plenty more to follow, all for vision of Ubisoft HQ:
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    136 pages of misery and still not a single fix on this MP.

    not even any interest shown by forum managers or developers.

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    I think Ubi never listened to players' suggestions.
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    Originally Posted by oRAZORTAILo Go to original post
    136 pages of misery and still not a single fix on this MP.

    not even any interest shown by forum managers or developers.

    Forum managers actually respond. The developers on the other hand seems to be too busy making "The Divison" to give a **** about us or anything else they already collected their profits from. Unfortunately thats how it's like now when gaming is no longer passion but PURE BUSINESS.

    But dont worry, someone might come out next year and say "we learned from FC3 and we fixed what the players didnt like" in a Far Cry 4 interview and then they shove their new game up our asses for us to find new problems we can whine for the next years up til FC5 </3
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