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    I love Far cry 3... i found the single player really interesting and fun to play but was slightly disappointed at its length (or maybe it was more me playing it too fast?!) anyway i love it and have started to play it again.
    The multiplayer is also a part of the game i love. I know some people hate that its like a COD game, but personally i think having COD in a jungle sounds like a great idea, i found the online part great to get into and have enjoyed playing it.
    However, i agree with many players opinions about the bugs running in the servers. Often i end up committing suicide for no apparent reason, it often lags and i hate that the match i'll play loses a host and simply puts me back on the main menu.
    I love the multiplayer but realise the bugs running through the servers are making it unpopular with other players. While i realise with the announcement of far cry 4 there'll be less attention give to FC3, i hope that Ubisoft make the multiplayer in FC4 like FC3, just like a COD game, but without those annoying bugs.
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    Originally Posted by D.Skywalker Go to original post
    Hello gentlemen, I read some messages here and I must say I disagree. Needless to say Far Cry 3 was a great success for Ubisoft.

    Although I played every single Far Cry, I must say I do not really feel that the game is dependent on its map editor and I don't think it should be. Map editors are side activities that should not replace a good solo experience, just like in the terrible Far Cry 2 single player mode. This license, which was not originally developed by Ubisoft (it was edited by the French company, but developed by CryTek), is now conquering a much broader audience.

    The identity of this license is defined by the heavenly landscapes and the RPG-like mechanics applied to a FPS. The multiplayer mode is definitely more marginal than other famous FPS. For instance, developing the campaign in a CoD game only takes 30% of the resources, whilst multiplayer is worth 70% of the total budget for the game! Far Cry 3 may be known for its map editor, but it is definitely not the strategic point early fans think it is.

    However, I understand you may consider the very limited investment in the map editor as a betrayal if you are an early fan. Yet, to me, Far Cry 3 multiplayer is a great experience.

    I can report a few bugs, though, such as random suicides, breaking my kill streaks, and a weak matchmaking
    Weak matchmaking, is not a bug. Its the bread and butter of a multiplayer experience. Did you even finish an entire match without the game crashing?

    Far Cry without an editor would almost be as bad as StarCraft without one. And FC3s editor/MP was torture.
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    Originally Posted by Squirrel_trip Go to original post
    I hope they add "Capture The Flag" soon. This game is perfect for the classic gametype. I wonder why they didn't think to add it. Capture the Flag has always been my favorite being Team Death Match.
    In the next game update i would include two new gametypes.....Capture The Flag(CTF) and Deathmatch(DM)
    They should of made it easier to play your custom map with others. I wonder if this can be fixed. Why can't an individual host their own map and have people automatically join without having to inconveniently send individual invites to everyone and then only like 5 people actually join.
    I would increase player count from 7 vs 7 to 10 vs 10 to make game more exciting. In BF3 they had 12 vs 12.....and i still thought there should be more players. There are some dull moments where you run around not finding anyone. An increased player count would solve this.
    Can't wait for new multiplayer maps. Since player count has dropped a lot since game release i think i will not be paying anymore towards future packs. Please focus more on the multiplayer next time for FarCry 4...I know you could of made the multiplayer in FC3 more badass if you wanted to spend the time doing so(without being too Cod-like.)
    The reason FarCry 3 failed is because you failed to make the multiplayer badass.
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    Originally Posted by EvilPixieGrrr Go to original post
    Your feedback will be read by the team, so please be constructive, concise, and respectful.

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