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    I hope they add "Capture The Flag" soon. This game is perfect for the classic gametype. I wonder why they didn't think to add it. Capture the Flag has always been my favorite being Team Death Match.
    In the next game update i would include two new gametypes.....Capture The Flag(CTF) and Deathmatch(DM)
    They should of made it easier to play your custom map with others. I wonder if this can be fixed. Why can't an individual host their own map and have people automatically join without having to inconveniently send individual invites to everyone and then only like 5 people actually join.
    I would increase player count from 7 vs 7 to 10 vs 10 to make game more exciting. In BF3 they had 12 vs 12.....and i still thought there should be more players. There are some dull moments where you run around not finding anyone. An increased player count would solve this.
    Can't wait for new multiplayer maps. Since player count has dropped a lot since game release i think i will not be paying anymore towards future packs. Please focus more on the multiplayer next time for FarCry 4...I know you could of made the multiplayer in FC3 more badass if you wanted to spend the time doing so(without being too Cod-like.)
    The reason FarCry 3 failed is because you failed to make the multiplayer badass.
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    Originally Posted by EvilPixieGrrr Go to original post
    Your feedback will be read by the team, so please be constructive, concise, and respectful.

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