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    First off I'd like to echo the thoughts of XX Jaycam XX and simplychalky. We absolutely need the ability to get better access to the custom maps publicly, and the mics on PS3 are unbearable to listen too at the moment so I just mute them.

    Other than bugs and connectivity issues which I'm sure you will work hard on to sort out, I think on the whole the multiplayer is really enjoyable and provides a great base for when we can get access to countless awesome custom made maps. The one thing I really do not like however is the AIM ASSIST. I normally just turn this off in games but I feel like I cant do that with Farcry 3. The aim assist is so strong that it places you at a massive disadvantage if you don't use it. Except when you are trying to snipe at multiple targets, then the aim assist kicks in and doesn't know who to aim for! So your crosshairs are pulled all over the place.

    So the one main thing I'd like you to work on is to decrease the power of aim assist and smooth out regular aiming with aim assist off so I feel like I am in control again and not being nursed along.
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    Multiplayer is a blast however there are few things that are hampering it from perfection. One – unfortunately you cannot do about it – I don’t know how this work but apparently in EU there are only 1700 people playing. I have already reached 40-so level I haven’t been able to play single match that wasn’t TDM. Nobody is playing other modes! I hope the game will sell well because for now I see mostly newbies that started their 1st, 2nd or 3rd match (and most likely its their last). Literally for 3 matches there are maybe one or two players have similar level as me.

    Now the things you CAN change:

    1. Lobby is a total mess. Why the game starts when there are for example 4 players and sometimes with 11 players waiting game “waits for 1-2 additional players” and after additional 2-3 joined it’s still waiting? – of course nothing happens, people are exiting the game and I need to spend additional 10-15 minutes searching the match among few (refer to my introduction). You need to fix it because this thing is destroying lobbies (not lack of chat, not lack of player info or lack of teams created…)

    2. Matchmaking – 3 newbies vs 11 average-good players is more than exception. Is it that hard to match them, divide 14 by 2 and level summarization of levels by weighted average between 2 teams? F..k we’re playing online from the end of 90’s and still it’s not possible to do it?

    3.Extremely poor killstreaks (or whatever they’re called in FC3) I haven’t seen a single useful use of high killstreak. They’re waste of points. It’s just simply better to use recon 3 times instead of wasting points for useless, missed clouds, bombing runs or those hallucination gas (has anyone seen that how does it work? I haven’t…)

    4.Host migration and crashes – you fixed it in GRFS (now host migrates 8 out of 10, 2 crashes). Please fix it in FC3 asap. I hate restarting my console, waiting reading info about PS3 recovery and similar stuff...

    5.Far Cry Outpost page shows me level 1 however can unlock high level paint jobs for guns. It’s not synched or what?
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    Originally Posted by Golic_84 Go to original post

    3.Extremely poor killstreaks (or whatever they’re called in FC3) I haven’t seen a single useful use of high killstreak. They’re waste of points. It’s just simply better to use recon 3 times instead of wasting points for useless, missed clouds, bombing runs or those hallucination gas (has anyone seen that how does it work? I haven’t…)

    I have to disagree with this, I think the kill streaks are great! What's great about them is you cant just destroy everyone on the map like in COD, instead you have to be strategic with them and combine them with the scout streak for them to be most effective. Enemy stealing the ship? drop a gas bomb or psyche gas, problem solved!
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    All i can say is that the multiplayer menu was created with consoleplayers in mind, who don't give a **** what they are looking at. Where is the freedom? Why is there no lobby list with all available games? Why arent map creators properly supported?

    I was thinking the custom map archive would be a properly designed archive where i can see all maps in detail, instead it's a list with a load of crap in it. You give us an amazing map editor and it gets overshadows by a terrible multiplayer menu which doesn't do the maps justice. Reminds me of FC2.

    If you want this to succeed you focus on the multiplayer and not focus on singleplayer DLCs which are propably already cut out of the game for future release.
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    First and foremost, the lobby system has to be improved. It should not have to be this difficult to get four of my friends on the same team as I'm on.
    The playlists for user created maps needs to be set up like Far Cry 2. It was so much easier to access and host your own created maps on that game.
    Obviously, the bugs need to be sorted out so we can all have an enjoyable experience and not be completely frustrated.

    I know there were a lot of folks that put a lot of time and effort in creating this game. I truly do not want to see it get washed down the drain due to (in my opinion) the three critical issues I've noted above.
    I've got faith in you UBI, don't let us customers down.
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    On behalf of your devoted map editing community...

    I miss Far Cry 2. Why?

    Because in Far Cry 2, we were encouraged to create our own unique maps with new styles of gameplay. We had freedom to create any kind of map we imagined. The map editor was renowned.

    Far Cry 3? You added more objects, updated textures, lighting effects, new weapons and sounds, and it has SO MUCH POTENTIAL! But you made a few simple mistakes that are killing Far Cry.

    -PLEASE let us use vehicles in our multiplayer maps. We just want to be able to use them in our player matches with friends.
    -PLEASE give us a better system for custom matches! Just model it like Far Cry 2, and give us our custom match options back! Let us unlock weapons for the lobby, set time limits, balance teams, and create map playlists. It's all we want!
    -PLEASE let us use AI in our multiplayer maps! Why would you tease us like this? Having AI would create SUCH a unique and fun experience! Imagine what people could create!

    Ubisoft, I absolutely LOVED Far Cry 2. It was my favorite game of all time because of the freedom to create maps with my friends and play on them as a team against strangers who joined our matches. Vehicles were ESSENTIAL to almost EVERY map we played on. This is NOT Call of Duty. This is FAR CRY. Please just listen to us and allow us to use vehicles. This is our strongest plea. This would make Far Cry 3 a step ahead.

    The map editing community is UNIQUELY yours, and devoted to your one of a kind game. Please listen to us.
    Ubisoft, this is what the Map Editing community wants:

    -Vehicles & AI in our multiplayer maps
    -Better Custom Match lobby mechanics and options (Balance/Unblanace teams, weapon level unlock options, time limits, map playlists, etc.; everything that made Far Cry 2 GREAT)
    -Bring deathmatch back!

    Thank you for listening.

    Very Respectfully,
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    ok , it's the launch of the game, just take the time to fix it all, and after please, PLEASE DO SOMETHING FOR VEHICULES IN MP!
    , that's what's most of us far cry fans want you can't deny it.
    i know that it's not easy for dev to make a Dlc including this, but for shure, if you want to satisfy most of your fan, and make this game unique, original, tasty, fun, mortelle, trop puissant, qui déchire sa mère.... you have to fix your bugs first, and bring bag véhicules.
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    Jolly good!

    Right, the Multiplayer is very good when it works, but I have no doubt you are working on that problem.

    Multi-Player Wishlist:
    - Vehicles for Unranked Custom Maps added to Editor.
    - Ziplines for Unranked Custom Maps added to Editor.
    - Mounted Gun Placements for Custom Maps added to Editor.
    - Able to Invite friends for private matches on structured playlists.
    - Capture the Diamond Mode
    - Assassination Mode (Randomly selected target)

    That would bring your Multiplayer from a 7.9/10 to a 10/10
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    ubisoft ruined the mp

    The multiplayer on FC3 absolutly sucks.

    -The game modes are rubbish & everyone just plays team deathmatch
    -The maps are to small & cluttered. They only suit people who play twitch shooters like COD
    -The lack of game lists when searching for games to join is not good. The lists on FC2 where so much better.
    -The automatic joining a lobby without being able to choose what map you want to play sucks. Should have left the lobby system how it was on FC2, there was nothing wrong with it & it worked fine.
    -No deathmatch is inexcusable.
    -They tried to make it feel like COD which is such a bad thing in my book.

    Thanks for ruining a good game ubisoft. I loved playing FC2 multiplayer but i can't stand what they have done to FC3 multiplayer. Your ment to improve things when you make a sequal not make it worse. Ever heard of if its not broke don't fix it?

    Rant over.
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    Originally Posted by Rodriquezz Go to original post
    All i can say is that the multiplayer menu was created with consoleplayers in mind.
    I don't think the menu system was made with ANYTHING in mind. It is most unintuitive setup I've ever seen for MP. FIX THIS UBISOFT!! You're killing your MP fan base faster than you did with FC2 and that's REALLY saying something.
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