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    Originally Posted by n1x4_1 Go to original post
    Well I'll Thanks for the advice man. I was always using the cli version.. ^^ Everything is good to go now.. Much appreciated.

    The nexus and the builds on dunias site are just cli, no gui... I really think someone on nexus needs to update that!
    no prob , i love nexus but its a pain to deal with at times.
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    Mod i'm working on ,what do you guys think?
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    Published! Visit the link in my sig to see more about it.
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    Explore with rakyat and hired mercenaries mod


    I think quite frankly, this part is serious missing in this game.

    It is a united front with the NPC.

    The Rakyat follower explore with you from your brave and virtuous behavior.
    It can help the hostages, and to aid in the fight to win their trust, you gain an ally.

    Or, You may have contact with the party of the NPC mercenaries to fight for or just reward.

    Is not it good even if there is a faction of the player!

    Now, The player need a personal relationship with the NPCs!
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    Where are the scope reticle textures (high-powered, etc) located? They're not with the other optic attachments. Looked in _fc3_graphics/_common/weapons/* but those seem to be the models (.xbg). Any ideas?
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    Hello everyone!

    I like some parts of this Mod. What i have to delete, to keep the red marked things?

    Originally Posted by jketiynu Go to original post
    Swartz mod compilation v1.2

    (Note to TGPomy9795: The Machete issue should now be fixed)


    *All weapons unlocked at start but you have to pay for them (note: towers will still give pop-ups saying you unlocked free weapons but you haven't)

    *Attachments mod with max attachment slots opened up

    *Wingsuit unlocked at start

    *All crafting recipes unlocked at start (note: except "cheating" ones)

    *All skills unlocked at start (Note: You still have to earn them, they're just unlocked)

    *2nd island unlocked at start (tested, works)

    *Modified wallet sizes to carry more money since you can end up with lots of money very easily in the game

    *Modified extra large ammo pouch size ammo amounts, and modified amount of C4/Mines you can carry with various pouches.

    *Prices on almost everything modified. Good guns are now more expensive, some ammo is cheaper and some more expensive, and animal hides are now worthwhile (hunting a bear will net you $120 whereas something like a dog was originally $15 is now only $5)

    *Doubled the range of all guns

    *Slightly increased radius of all explosives including hand grenades (except the AI explosives, they remain the same)

    *Gave all weapons their real-life magazine sizes

    *Standardized damage across calibers (except for sniper rifles and LMG's). The bizon will no longer do so much damage but will instead do the proper damage of a 9x18mm bullet (same damage as the 6P9) [note: Changed these values slightly. Bizon and special variant of P416 do slightly more damge]

    *You can now craft explosive arrows using white leafs (because it sucks having to waste a grenade making them)

    *"Cannon" signature revolver unlocked so you don't have to get it with UPlay points. Unfortunately it's free for some reason and I can't figure out a way around this. It should no longer be free but I need someone to test this.

    *Player sprint speed increased by 15%

    *Laser beams on enemy sniper rifles have been disabled (it made spotting snipers too easy)

    *Better Sights mod included

    *Dereased XP earned from unlocking a tower to 500 and disabling an alarm increased to 200

    *Increased XP needed to reach each level a bit to compensate for all skills being available at start

    *Pistols with the exception of the Desert Eagle and revolvers will now shoot basically as fast as you can pull the trigger

    *Slightly increased the radius where you can interact with objects

    *Made Famas full-auto

    *Decreased recoil of Desert Eagle

    *Fall-damage radius increased slightly. You'll survive slightly steeper falls.


    Gibbed/Rick/Leechmonger for Attachments mod v1.0
    Chorizosss for The Super File V2.1
    Chorizosss for Hereticus Weapons mod v1.0
    khenaz for Better Sights mod
    karmakgb for his prices adjustment mod
    Ryac666 for unlocked skills at start
    zlobs/inarkin for falldamage radius values in Mixmod v.06a
    Special thanks: Gibbed and inarkin for various help
    Or could someone help me to create a Patch.dat/fat with:

    - Unlocked Skills (only unlocked)
    - Unlocked Wingsuit
    - Unlocked 2nd Island
    - Unlocked 2nd Island Weapons (not AMR, Shredder, Shadow, Bull, Cannon, Bushman, Ripper and Japanese Tanto)
    - Unlocked 2nd Island Maps

    Thank you so far and sorry for my not so well english.
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    Originally Posted by fnx.. Go to original post
    Mod i'm working on ,what do you guys think?
    looks awesome, i cant believe ubisoft did not fix the left wrist :P
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    Originally Posted by fnx.. Go to original post
    Mod i'm working on ,what do you guys think?
    will these tataoo unlocks during game progress If so, it'll be amazing
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    Originally Posted by fnx.. Go to original post
    nc, but maybe the left hand's tattoo recolor/redesign will be same color
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    i think this is the left arm tattoo ,if yes i can make something different but again i could be hardcoded because not everything appears on arm

    and this is the old tattoo as seen in early trailers

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