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    Originally Posted by Chorizosss Go to original post
    Bug repport for the stop tutorial messages msgbox mod

    It appear that this mod blocking the second part of the mission where you get the privateer ourfits.
    After getting it , a turotial popup want to appear for to tutorial outfit but can't. And the mission is blocking , the speech with Hoyt never appent.

    Thanks for letting me know, removed file link in my post.
    The Msg Box mod is not really needed since v1.04 as you now have the option to turn off tutorial notifications in the game options.
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    I'm using only the Compilation 2.6 mod, I started a new game last night

    I can't see the map markers I make... I could see them in 1.6 (I think it was, which was the one I did my entire first playthrough with) but now I can't see them at all. I also can't see any icons on hunting/contract boards. This didn't happen before, but it happens now. It only occurred after I took the first outpost in my new game, it was working before that.
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    Originally Posted by sid4975 Go to original post
    could someone give me a quick explanation on how i can add this modified crafting recipe

    on this page

    into this mod comp "Swartz mod compilation v1.2"

    i extract the crafting.lib file and theres multiple folders. can i just replace the gear folder in the swartz mod with the gear folder in the craftingrecipe mod? i dont want too replace all the folders and mess up any changes the swartz mod might have made
    This is an excellent idea. It's far too easy to get upgrades, so this would really get us out there searching.
    Also, if the bandit patrols we kill can be re-spawning. that would really top it off.

    cheers mates.
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    Originally Posted by tom.solo Go to original post
    looks very good where can i get this?
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    Okay here is my first compilation. This is an experimental compilation, please use test only.****


    So the name will be :
    Experimental compilation

    Warning! Currently tested DX11 only!
    Use own risk! This mod is harmless and don't affect the a multiplayer game experience but I don't recommend how use online play.

    - removed minimaps rendering (.dll) and replace a compass (its a simple texture editing)
    - and remove both minimap icons (its a simple texture editing)
    - remove area visibility in minimap container (mission - restricted zones ? - need confirm)
    - remove fog of war in worldmap. Worldmap show the full map of Islands. If you unlocked a radiotower just show the territories - about unliberated outposts. Example here. Note: if want this feature need remove minimap too or fog of war (the complete alpha layer) remove in minimaps too...
    - the .dll contain - now removed, use SFK for patching - weapon holster, stop blinking, remove crouch/stand icon patch too.

    - if you want switch HUD on / off live the compilation included a Cheat Engine Table: just load in CE select process Far Cry 3 load the table and tadaam, PgUp switch on off in the HUD.
    - the included test patch contained some mod from Chorizosss / jketiynu / inakrin - like wingsuit/2nd island, and skill abiality unlock...

    Details for .dll paching (included in the zip):

    -- Remove Minimap and  remove Fog of War from Worldmap
    Minimap hide:
    0F 84 8C 04 00 00 8B 4B 0C
    0F 85 8C 04 00 00 8B 4B 0C
    Load maps:
    C6 46 10 00 E8 D3 84 C8
    90 90 90 90 E8 D3 84 C8
    Map container alpha:
    FE 41 10 83 20 00 C7 41 0C 01 00 00 00 5D
    90 90 90 83 20 00 C7 41 0C 01 00 00 00 5D
    Hide areas visibility (mission, restricted zones(?) - need confirm) display in minimap container
    2A 10 41 72 65 61 00 00 00 00 4F 72
    2A 10 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 4F 72
    -- This above need a modded ui\supertextures\h_minimap_0.xbt file too! You been warned.
    Hide Crouch and Stand Icon:
    53 68 6F 77 57 65 61 70 6F 6E 48 55 44 00 53 74 61 6E 64 00 00 00 43 72 6F 75 63 68 00 00
    53 68 6F 77 57 65 61 70 6F 6E 48 55 44 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    Stop object blinking
    48 69 67 68 4C 69 67 68 74 43 6F 6C 6F 72 32 00 48 69 67 68 4C 69 67 68 74 43 6F 6C 6F 72 00
    48 69 67 68 4C 69 67 68 74 43 6F 6C 6F 72 00 00 48 69 67 68 4C 69 67 68 74 43 6F 6C 6F 72 32
    Weapon Holster
    9F FF FF 83 7E 40 01 75 04 83 66 40 00
    9F FF FF 83 7E 40 00 75 04 83 66 40 00
    > Download here <

    For .dll patching, use my little tool: SFK Binary Patcher (i updated patch library with Compass mode.)

    **** Here is a safe method for the testing:
    - I recommend only try this if you finish the whole game!
    - Pls. backup your safe files (Program Files\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\...)
    - Try testing offline.
    Warning! Use own risk without any warranty!
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    thanks tom.solo
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    To totaly test this mod , i should finish all the game but i already played some hours withit without seeing any issues.

    With this mod , when player unlock an outpost a message ask him if he want to take control of this outpost ! ! If The player choose "Cancel" Rakyats are coming to defend it but you still in red zone !! Meaning that you still can make pirates encounters !!.If you click "Ok" , the oupost behave just like normal , the camp turn into a safehouse fast travel point and you have acces to automatic shop and memory card ... BUT pirates are no longer spawning . So choose wisely , because an outpost turned into a safehouse can't be pirate or merc owned again.

    -Once an outpost is unlocked ( but still in red area ) , you will recieve 500 xp and 300$.
    -FastTravel to outposts in red area is impossible.
    -Once you quit the game the outposts that are reds are re-taken by pirates .
    -Animal hunt and Wanted quest of every outpost are unlocked from the begining so you can play them without unlocking an outpost.
    -Main mission outposts and safehouses left unmodified.
    -Outpost Safehouse in red area remain closed.

    Planing to do next release :

    -Give player a memorycard...because as the outpost is not unlocked the safehouse remain closed , so no access to the memory card.
    Why ? Because i didn't find the memorycard objectid ... maybe in a still encrypted file ?
    Or count the number of outposts taken by player and at 10 times unlock the weapon unlocked by memorycards.
    -Make different amount of xp bonus depend of how the outpost is unlocked ( stealthy , rambo style ... ).

    ps : Already unlocked outposts still unlocked :/ so if you already unlocked every outpost , you must restart a new game to take total benefit of this mod.

    ps2 : If you want sidequests to not be unlocked when you're cleaning an outpost without making it your safehouse , just don't use the getsafehousestate.lua file gived in the .rar.

    Faq :

    -How to install it ? Put it in your patch.dat and patch.fat ! How ? Read the first post .

    -As outposts are re-taken by pirates , if i die , i will spawn in the middle of pirates ? No , The game will spawn you in a safe house you already unlocked before using this mod , a radio tower , or in safehouses opened during mainquest ( like amanaki village , doctor's house etc ...).. but you will not spawn in an outpost that still red thanks to this mod. .

    If you see any issue please tell me , i will keep up this mod as updated as i can.

    Take Care,

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    Command Console?

    I see some minimap modders have added an alpha mask to make it semi-transparent. How did they do this?
    I'd like to keep the minimap as it is but make it semi-transparent, and is it also possible to make the other HUD elements semi-transparent as well?

    I've unpacked and converted textures to dds and attempted to add alpha masks but it doesn't seem to work, is not semi-transparent in the game after reconverting to patch file.

    Or can I do this from a hex hack instead?

    Also, I've mentioned this before and so far haven't seen an answer, has anyone successfully decrypted an .FEU file yet?

    And, has anyone worked out how to re-enable the command console?
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    Hi guys, would it be possible for someone to combine the better scopes, extra attachments, ballistics and unlocked second island weapons into one compilation please?

    Thanks in advance if this is possible...
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