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    Far Cry 3: Single Player Gameplay Feedback [NO SPOILERS PLEASE]

    Please use this thread for single player gameplay feedback for Far Cry 3

    To post multiplayer feedback for Far Cry 3, please go to this thread:

    Far Cry 3: Multiplayer Gameplay Feedback [NO SPOILERS PLEASE]


    This thread is for reporting what you like and dislike about the game. Please do not go into details about the storyline.

    Please contact Ubisoft Support with any bugs you experience in the game.

    Bugs and Issues for Consoles can also be posted here:

    [Consoles]Official Bug/Known Issues thread.
    Please note that this thread is not a replacement for support and all bugs/issues should be reported to them.

    For PC Bugs and Issues, please post here:

    [PC]Official Bug/Known Issues thread.
    Same thing: this thread is not a replacement for support and all bugs/issues should be reported to them.


    You are free to discuss topics like graphics, sound, whether or not you enjoyed the game, any anything that does not risk the enjoyment of the game for others.

    Your feedback will be read by the team, so please be constructive, concise, and respectful.

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    It's always easier to focus on the negative, it's what stays with me after I'm done playing. I do think you've all set a standard for open-world sandbox games. And it's the kind of game I have a hard time pulling away from. So don't take it as I don't love the game so far. But I'll add to it as I spend more time in the game.

    The negative
    • The interface breaks the immersion. This is the biggest letdown for me so far. Far Cry 2 raised the bar for immersion possible in a FPS. Everything was done by your character. Rarely were you pulled out from his view. Far Cry 3 has proved to me how important that was for the experience.
      • It yanks you out of the jungle immediately whenever you go check the map, crafting, lootsack, things that are done very often. Mostly because of how it pauses the game, mutes all the sounds of the jungle, and plays the same bass-heavy ambient track every time.
      • The interface sounds. The sounds are also too... dominant I guess. Woosh and thump. They also play every time a context sensitive option pops up, such as skinning animals, or looting corpses, this is unnecessary and only adds to the feeling that it's a game, the visual is enough.
      • It feels clunky on the PC. Sometimes you need to click on an option to make it highlight, other times hovering over is enough. Scrolling doesn't always work either.

    • Too much handholding:
      • Too many popups on screen. Too often. This is really annoying, the game encourages you to explore, but it's like it keeps telling you every 5 minutes that you should go do the story objective, craft this or that, no matter what you're doing.
      • Radio towers revealing everything in the area. Every chest and every relic. It takes out the exploration when you get exact coordinates on every interactable object in the world. Encourage the player to explore, don't spoil the surprise of finding something. A suggestion would be make it so that if you've turned specific legends off on the map screen it also affects the minimap.
      • Flashing objects. Especially the flora, makes it all look too gamey. It's fine for tutorials. But once the player has learned an object can be interacted with, it's not needed anymore. As always, an option to turn it off keeps both audiences happy
      • No option to turn off all the control reminders. Seasoned players won't need all these "press L-ALT to hold breath", "press C to switch to gunner seat" and so on. The less text that's put on screen the better. Use visual ques instead.

    • Day/Night/Weather cycle is way, way too fast. Sometimes I want to sneak around at night. But I can't skip to night, and when it is night, it lasts only what feels like 5 minutes. (Does the time of day and weather actually affect the AI detection and behavior?)
    • Clearing areas of pirates is too easy/fast. Others in this forum have suggested giving the pirates the ability to take back a captured checkpoint once in a while. To keep the player from having all these skills, but no one to use them on later in game. I'd in general like to keep the world occupied by pirates in remote areas. I like that towns and such become friendly once you've cleared the nearby checkpoints.
    • Combat with soldiers is too easy on the PC. Maybe it's some of the weapons that are too accurate. Even 6 pirates are easily dealt with by veteran PC players. It makes the combat feel over with too soon because I can land lethal hits in no time. Perhaps add more pirates everywhere they are.
    • No option to have both keyboard & mouse work seamlessly with a gamepad at the same time. A lot of people like me hate driving vehicles with a keyboard. Many want to pickup their controller when boarding a vehicle. Far Cry 2 had no problem with this, it accepted all inputs available at any time. It enabled me to use the joystick on my Logitech G13 for driving as well as movement. So I got the best of both worlds. I had analog steering, and analog movement, but I retained the pixel precision of mouse aiming. That really adds a lot.
    • Being able to see enemies through solid objects once tagged isn't a skill unlock. Some don't like it and are fine with them showing up on the minimap once tagged.

    The positive
    • The freedom of play and choice. Dynamic world.
    • Beautiful graphics that feels well-optimized. Some sliders for detail fade would be nice though. The way some objects disintegrate as you walk away and approach them is very noticeable when you sit at a desktop monitor
    • The hostile fauna. A nice change from always shooting at other bipeds. Keeps the world hostile. Keeps it fun exploring when you never feel safe.
    • PC port options are very nice. Especially the FOV option is much appreciated.
    • The cover system. Perhaps the best I've tried in a first person shooter. Blindfiring always feels cool.
    • Some cool villains. In particular Vaas and Buck. Cool performances in both body language, and the voice work.
    • Things like zip-lines, death from above take downs.
    • Being able to turn off the radio and headlights in vehicles. Made me very glad. The more choices I have the better. It adds to the immersion.
    • The sliding when you walk on steep surfaces is cool. Every game should do this. In other games it feels artificial and more of an area of denial than realism.
    • The vehicles are really fun to drive. They slide and drift. I haven't played a game with vehicle physics and handling outside of dedicated driving games. (but they could be even better if I could use a gamepad while driving them, and keyboard while on foot!) I do miss the way you could quickly look to the sides or behind you with the mouse buttons though. That was pretty genius in Far Cry 2, it's hard to recenter the view as fast as is needed when you're driving fullspeed.

    I also think it's a shame how the buddy rescue system of Far Cry 2 was completely removed. It kept the story going even when you got yourself into a mess you couldn't get out of alone. Getting dragged out of the combat zone and given a second chance with some backup was a lot better than restoring the latest saved state. And once you've used the buddy rescue, you knew not to take any chances. Far Cry is sort of all about taking those big risks that when successful, makes you feel like an action hero. You're punished severely from failing depending on when your last save was in Far Cry 3.
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    This game is great and I really enjoy it but I got to say that some characters feels left out.Although Vaas was their main advertisement it just had too little of him.Dennis Rodgers is an awesome characters but once again too little of him.I hate Hoyt and I think that it would have been better if Hoyt wasn't in the game.You can see how Ubisoft forces to show how Hoyt is crazier and scarier than Vaas but he isn't.Hoyt is not as unique as Vaas,he is just a regular villain of any game.Villains special as Vaas are rarely seen in games and there is just needed to be more of him.
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    Please patch the single player Hud so we can tear it down to nothing. Before I got the game I had mentally prepared myself for an intrusive Hud but.... Oh My God.

    After 15 minutes(only 10 or so of which had the Hud enabled after the games start) I didn't even want to play it anymore. That never happens to me in games, not even bad ones.

    Please get this up the chain, I thought I could push through it because of how amazing people said the game was but its ruining my personal experience with the game to the point I would rather play games I've already had or beaten YEARS before. Please do something about the Hud.
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    Ys,. the HUD is very 'back and forth'...annoying to say the least but a great game which would be even greater if this was fixed..
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    I have to agree, the HUD ruins the immersion level in game. Give us the option to remove everything, especially tutorials and reminder messages, and I will be very happy with what is otherwise a great game.
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    You have made a awesome game thank you, here some suggestions to improve it:

    You should allow all attachments on weapons in singleplayer (red dot, silencer etc...) particulary on first tier ones like the AK-47, STG-90, M1911 etc... or at least like they are in multiplayer. Maybe a negative effect on damage when we equip a silencer on them will be great.

    The signature weapons have better stats than regulars ones, some uniques attachements and they can handle more of them at the same time (mostly 3) so it's not breaking the game design because all regulars weapons never allow over 2 attachements at the same time.

    We could have a better customization feeling in singleplayer with that.

    Some weapons (SVD, BZ19, SPAS-12) have the case ejection on the wrong side, a left-handed weapon (it's rare BTW) wielded by a right-handed shooter is weird.

    Best regards.
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    + amazing graphics. nice music score.
    + fairly good choice of weapons.
    + good voice actors.
    + open map / sandbox is great.

    - need a way to skip cutscenes. spacebar or escape would be nice.
    - need a way to abort mission without having to reload map.
    - stealth needs to be tweaked. animals run away with slienced sniper rifle kill to their herd mate even at ridiculously long distances. Guards shoot at know where you are and hit you with bullets in this brush even when you can't see them.
    - keep roving patrols or allow enemies to retake bases when you take them over.

    * features - put in survival element. use of food and water should be necessary for survival. same for sleep.
    * put in fatigue. your guy can run run run forever.
    * still loved farcry 1 the best. the story and tension were great. monster ai was amazing.
    * weapon penetration would be nice through objects like in farcry 1. why was that removed?
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    My Opinion:

    After downloading, installing and 2 patches (2.5 Hours)
    The game starts and all these tutorials and charter bios which lead you in into the menu, which is cumbersome: easy to get into but can be hard to get out of. Once you get through the 15 or 20 tutorials you can play the game. Then comes the tutorial on fast travel which instructs you to left click on fast travel icon and it does not work. The when you can play the game; game play and the graphics are nice. Then you get to drive an ATV after failing a time challenge 8 times, due to the very sensitive steering controls. I complete the ATV with 1 second to spare. Then comes the Red Rock challenge, did I miss the tutorial about the time barrels in this Red Rock challenges. After my demise for the second time in the RRC and 1.5 hours of play time. I quit the game, with flash backs of mind numbing Far Cry 2 in my head.
    The only question I have : What do I need to do to request a refund?
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    I get a huge fps drop in mission settlements.
    Nowhere else, never. Only in main mission settlements/camps.
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