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    I played on xbox
    I stopped after 2 hours
    Impossible to play with this hud ----> No immersion
    Please give us options for setting the hud.
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    Love this game (bought original on greenmangaming), but as many others said:

    - HUD is horrible, as is the handholding. Please give us option to tailor HUD to our liking. To make minimap smaller (let us customize scale/size of it). To customize which HUD elements should be enabled and which should not - along with their sounds. Look at Dishonored and your own Far Cry 2 for inspiration!

    - Sometimes, map stops reacting. I cannot zoom it in or out, nor really use it. Have to quit the game to fix it.

    - Let us holster our weapon and let us hold our machete in our hand whenever we want! Let us use flashlight whenever we want! On PC there are enough buttons to handle it!

    - Let us use keyboard and mouse + controller at the same time, so we can drive cars analog ! Cars are fantastic fun in FC 3, but using keyboard is lot less fun.

    - Let us set volume of music and sounds separately! Let us disable menu music without disabling ingame music, or radio music!

    Just a few suggestions. Game is great, but these issues are huge shame - FarCry 3 has potential to be GOTY. As it is though, I would give it to had lot less design and technical flaws. Hopefully Ubi will be able to fix at least some of these flaws!
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    The Bad:

    - As many said, the day/night cycles is a bit too fast. Ubi nailed it in FC2, then why changed it ? RDR was a great game but it has the same problem with day/night cycle. I suspect this mistake was influenced by RDR (and maybe Just Cause 2 ) ?

    - The lack of ability to setting clock at safehouses is another big mistake. This is another good example of devs have no idea about what were the strong points of their games. They "fix" the bad things and then they screw other things up.

    - The vehicle handling, which was good in FC2, now is very bad.

    - One of the best thing in FC2: interaction of vegetation is now gone.

    - Only 1 save slot ? Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton also complained about this yesterday in his article "Before you start: tips for playing FC3 the ebst way"

    The good:

    - Looks great

    - Stealth vastly improved

    - Weapon customization

    - Lots of animals and collectibles.

    - Skill trees
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    Would be amazing to see following features:

    -New Game +
    -Higher Difficulty setting
    -Allow to customize difficulty further (amount of encounters, strength and numbers of enemies)
    -Allow player to purchase all guns from the start of the game
    -Allow players to modify Skills and Game mechanics (by introducing mod kit)
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    So, I just want to say that I really enjoy the fact that enemies don't respawn after you take out outposts. It makes more sense storywise and I get a sense of progression. I believe that the single player campaign is long enough to give me a great feeling of satisfaction. Great job!
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    I am having bad FPS issues.

    i73930k OC to 4.0
    16 Gig RAM @1600 MHZ
    liquid cooled
    2X GTX 680 fully updated driver 310.70
    Asus P9X79 MB

    Running through the map i get 40-60 FPS and some areas drop to 20 FPS then after a second or two bounce back to 40-60 FPS.

    Any time a vehicle or fire fight happens i drop to 22FPS

    I have all settings maxed.

    I Should be able to do this with no issues.

    Does anyone else have this issue???
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    HUD options. And the glowing bodies. You guys made a great game but you need to understand how much this HUD hurts it
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    Ill post this in SP and MP Thread.

    So far i like the game but i doubt that i can finish it. ( XBOX )

    The Reason:

    The Framerate just destroys all of the fun. U feel like a sponge when moving arround it feels like u getting slowed down with only 15-20 FPS. Sometimes it feels fluently and u have no problem to turn around and aim directly these moments are rare and mostly in closed rooms like a cave or in a safehouse. But as soon as i go out it starts to slow down and u can clearly notice it. It makes aiming much harder and after 30 min of playing my eyes started to hurt because of that low framerate. Why dont u just make a lower graphic and increase the performence of the game?

    And two things about the sniper:

    Why cant u zoom out directly as u remove the finger from the left trigger?
    and why this awful holding breath mechanic? u only have to tap it once and u cant stop it. so when im holding breath for 1 sec, zooming out and In again i have to wait like 3-4 seconds before i can hold my breath again. this system realy doesnt work. when there are 2 enemys u only can shoot one because it takes to long for the sniper to go steady again,

    i think bugs and stuff were mentioned enough:

    random suicide, dissapering primary weapons, lag and so on and so on
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    It's probably the best game I've ever played. The best part is the extreme freedom to go wherever you want. It's like Mr. Dan said, if you can see it, you can get there. That's so amazingly fun to have that freedom, and you pulled it off beautifully. Job well done, I've extremely satisfied with Far Cry 3, and it was worth the wait (literally waited years for it too).

    The good:
    -Amazing graphics
    -Extreme freedom
    -tons of guns and customization
    -It's a massive place to explore, while still being dense and rich with interesting discoveries.
    -a skill system with xp to unlock new powers (seriously, this in combination with the big island to explore, makes for a lot of fun! Thank you)
    -Incredible buffet of wildlife to hunt/ avoid, which adds another layer of detail and fun to the game. That sting ray is amazing.
    -Very satisfied with the PC version. Lots of graphics options.

    So obviously it's an insanely good game overall, but here's a few minor things that would make it even better.
    -A key to toggle on/ off the HUD
    -Steam Achievements (please?)
    -Collect loot from corpses by walking over them, instead of padding down each body.

    Good job, and keep up the good work!
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    please add in great white sharks for dlc that are harder to kill than bull sharks, maybe make it where they can destroy your boat or jetski.....would make the deep sea feel more dangerous =)
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