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    Awful HUD & menus
    Unable to Holster your weapon for some reason
    Free guns!?
    No walk function(for PC users)
    Areas become dead once an outpost has been taken
    Day/night cycle is too fast, and nights and shaded areas aren't that dark anyway
    Some graphical and performance issues

    Everything else is great.
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    Love the game, the things it could do with IMO:
    Hud options (ranging from hide minimap to disable entire hud)
    holster weapons
    harder difficulty
    Retaken outposts
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    FIX THE MAP! + 10 things to make this game MORE Fn EPIC!!

    i love EVERYTHING about this game so far!! i am a huge farcry and open world fan!

    10 things i hate about you! (NO IM JOKING) ........ i would like to see these things put into the game though.

    1. animal/enemy bodies stay on ground longer

    2. when animal or person killed in the water the blood spreads in the water

    3. to be able to pick up the handglider and jump off any cliff.... land pick it up, carry it somewhere and do it again! maybe throw it onto the truch with no windshield?

    and 4... MOST IMPORTANT!!!! FIX THE MAP!!!
    put the map that you have right now as an option in the start button menu...
    and make a paper fold out map that you find pieces to as you go, or a gps like farcry 2....

    WTF! WTDP! WITNOJC! How can this game franchise go from having video games best map system, to this.......... ?


    5.i would like to be able to shoot while sliding?? or very fast afterwards! or an least when i slide, if i look left the whole time, when my slide is done, my body/gun are facing left, instead of corrected straight.... if i wanted to be looking straight, i would stay looking straight or look left then straight again all while sliding, cuzim knowledge.

    6. LAY DOWN / CRAWL ! wtf, its 2012.... dont even try to say anything! put it in. (large sigh)

    7. walk and run speed should be increased a little bit..... crouch and crawl should exist to balance this for stealth

    8. make the jet ski way faster if you pin it! LOL

    9. some sort of 2x or 3x scope for the bow PLEASE!...

    10. bayonette for a gun.... shotgun maybe?

    11. climb trees!! SO GANGSTER I HAD TO MAKE 11 !!! DO IT! DO iT!

    12. swich to passenger seat and bust my guns/shoot my bow!

    13. dude needs to sit down and show me what he is crafting.... this game must be more realistic !

    14. if the outposts can be recaptured (lets say if you dont visit them for a certain amount of games days? or a random pattern of game days) then the stuff there could change and be relooted!

    15. weekly or monthly challenges in single player...

    16. make clothes out of animal skin... i would make a croc/ltiger coat with a skull cap!

    17 how about i play music from my xbox in the jeeps... like ipod plugin ??? cuz this music sucks lol

    18. i would like to be able to switch the function of the "click LS" left stick and the B button..... so B would be Knife/takedown and click/hold LS would be stand up, lay down, crouch, slide.... and the game would feel more real, i would be more in crontrol of my character!

    19. lanps need to be shootable/knifeable to spread fire

    20. i want to row row row a boat

    21. i should be able to stand infront of my allies on the road to get them to stop... when they stop i can sell them **** from my loot sack.... (i dont like fast travel)(its not real) i would also be able to hitch a ride in the back of the truck... to a destination of my choosing... (now thats fast travel)(me riding gunner with some boys)
    ........ you know what, just call me... IM IN OTTAWA ONTARIO.... 841-5226... it shouldnt be hard for you to get my area code, b/c montreal is 1.5 hours from me.... ill come to montreal and give you guys a hand for free ... you have to make the game so it is playable forever, even after you "beat the campaign"

    22. cook food at camps for food!

    23. how about some hidden weapons ... cool unbuyable ones... in caves? at big camps? underwater?

    24. more melee weapons... i see you shovel ... spears! or a pike....

    25. dirtbike

    26. parachute

    27 irucksack is full and i loot a person or box i would like the option to see what the object is and the option to discard something i have to take what i found

    28 options in menu to never pick up this, and then a lot of common things with checkboxes beside them.... or just option to see object and choose if i want it.

    29. complete free look while your driving.. click RS to center or look straight....... not auto look straight like you have it...
    Someone else also had these ideas i thought were good!

    1 Hud options (ranging from hide minimap to disable entire hud)
    2 holster weapons
    3 harder difficulty
    4 Retaken outposts
    5 day/night/weather cycles need to be longer... i want to be able to get to and do a mission after it starts to rain.. sometimes it should rain for three game days!!
    6. mission areas?! no! open world...........

    other than this, go ubisoft montreal! go canada! this ish right here is epic!

    ... could we make far cry 4 a full 2 or 4 person campaign...... i just want to chill, hunt, race and go cliff diving with my homies

    Dive,colors, weather, ai, sounds, spotting system, water effects, swimming, random ish , paint jobs, ladder slide , just the whole environment and storyline are tres manifique or whatever....
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    One person. Vaas. I've been playing video games for a very long time and I can say (with a lot of consideration and thought) that he is the best villain I have ever seen. Honestly, I really though about all the other games I have played over the years and it just doesn't compare. The atmosphere, suspense and the act, it was so well done. I have to hand it the the actor here because he has delivered on so many levels on acting in a video game he should be in Hollywood. Truly an amazing performance and devoted to the cause. Maybe I am just one person typing this on a forum but when I say he is the best villain in a video game, that means a lot in my book. Well done. If only the game was two discs long.
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    Just a few things

    I haven't had a chance to really dive into it, but there's a few things I'd like changed.

    1. Weather/Day & Night Time Changes: I agree with some of the previous posts, the time of day and the weather changes happen way too soon and way too often. If I'm on a mission during the night time, I'd like for it to stay that way, not turn into day time half way through the mission.

    2. Paper Map: I too would like to see the paper map come back. I wasn't a huge fan of Far Cry 1 and 2, but the paper map was a huge plus in my opinion. I definitely was not too crazy about the map in Far Cry 3.

    3. The AI needs to roam more: On one of the first missions, where you go to Medusa, after you've completed the main objective, enemies will come after you. I actually got confused and started running away from them, but then realized what the objective was. I was standing on the far side of the Medusa, but the enemies never came after me, I had to go back to them just to kill them. Their sensors should be automatically fixed in on my position, or within a few feet of my position.

    4. Portable Hang-glider: I would love to have the hang-glider with me at all times. Make it so you can fold it up and stick in your loot sack. Or maybe even create another holder for it out of boar hide. I found myself having to climb hills looking for gliders when sometimes they wouldn't even be at the top.

    5. Constant tutorial reminders: At one point, I had to hit the start button like 6 times to get through all of the tutorial notes that kept popping up. I found that to be quite annoying. There should just be one tutorial reminder that pops up that says "Check out tutorials in the blah blah blah menu..." And there should just be a specific place to go and view any new tutorials. Having them pop up on screen when you press the Start button is a bit annoying.

    Sometimes things like these don't get added into games or changed, but this would certainly make the experience that much better. Otherwise, I love the game, and is hands down the best FPS I've played in a long long time. And I don't plan on putting it down for at least the next 6 months.

    Just to list a few things I love about it:
    1. Voice acting: The voice acting is superb. Vaas is by far the scariest villain I've seen in a game in at least a few years. And whoever does his voice is great.
    2. Graphics: The graphics are ridiculous. The amount of detail in this game should be a standard going forward for all sandbox open world games.
    3. The action is top notch: I found the shootouts to be quite satisfying for the most part.
    4. The weather changes: Even though they happen way too often, I do like the weather changes. It helps ensure that each playthrough will feel different each time.
    5. Weapons: I love weapons, one of the main reasons I wanted to get this game. And this game definitely delivers. Attachments, upgrades, even the way they feel when shooting them differs from gun to gun and it's just a nice plus.

    All in all, if I had to rate this game, I could easily give it a 9/10.
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    Michael Mandos performance as Vaas was a unbelievable great ! On one Level with Nolans Joker imho.

    Why did you take him out of the game that early? I mean he was hyped from the very beginning and i didnt really care about Hoyt. I know its early, but any chance we might see more of him in the future?

    I dont have any other complaints, the action, graphics, weapons, characters, drugs, tigers... simply awsome!

    thank you for this game!
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    I'm going to have to have to agree with a lot of the other posters here in the lack of enemies is disappointing. While the re-spawn rate was a bit much in Far Cry 2 at least it gave me something to shoot at and made the world feel full. Now if you capture outposts the world feels empty. Its a shame because the changes you all made to the game play are amazing. So please bring more enemies into the game world either by having outposts re-spawn or by populating random places in the world with enemies.
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    - great game! but first of all the most important issue I encountered... a pretty HUGE bug that's almost gamebreaking:
    corpses of animals and pirats disappear seconds after they died. making it frankly impossible to loot or skin them... if succesful in starting skinning progress (xbox 360) or looting animation and the corpse is disappearing during the animation takes place, no loot or skin is given to the player. tried everything. reinstalling. cleared system cache. didn't help at all. I don't want to start a new save... only to encounter the same bug in the end again. think about it... I can get money from treasurechests/boxes... but how do I get cash if corpses disappear and I can't even sell the skin/fur?

    - music: on the 360 there is just the on/off functionality in the settings. I'd like to listen to the music but not THAT loud... especially during stealth it's too loud for me to focus on hearing. just give us the option to toggle the volume of game music. You can leave the car music as it is.

    map editor:
    - I'd like to share ai and car maps with friends, just with them. why can't I upload them? it's okay that they are unplayable in mp, but I'd like to share sp scenarios with my friends that would be awesome. I'd even pay some MS-points (like bungie did once with halo) to have the webspace. I enjoy mapbuilding a lot, so that would be fantastic.
    - map stats: it's difficult to see the stats/ratings of ones maps. I was hoping for more stats and interface on the webpage... but as you know there is no information at all of the maps I uploaded. that's quite weired. Just make it a bit more convenient to look at ones own maps and there respective stats. right now I have to search in the maparchive, play the map, add them to favorites... quite some fumbling around imho.
    - I'd like to have a more sophisticated rating for player maps. not just that fb-like-thing. why not make like it was with far cry 2? I understand you won't be able to change it yet but still wanted to let you know that sometimes you don't really appreciate a map totally (most of them lacking tons of polishing) but you like the overall idea of the layout etc.

    atmosphere, thoughts:
    - I think it's unrealistic that animals come so close to human dwellings... I mean pigs dogs a tiger all pretty close and at ease at an outpost? just push them a bit away... especially shy animals like tigers shouldn't wander that close imho
    - more rain, longer rain periods.
    - longer nights... night atmosphere is fantastic, but is gone to quickly imho

    Thank you for delivering this awesome game!!!
    now let's make it even more awesomish
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    Sniper scope

    I have a sniper rifle but cannot activate the scope....any ideas?
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    Great white sharks and Sea monsters ****it! (:
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