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    Selling your loot

    Where and how can I sell my loot that I have collected?

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    At the place where you buy guns in your safe house.
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    Thanks for the reply, but can't seem to find the option to sell at the safe house, only buy. How exactly do I sell my items?

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    When you first enter the store press Right Bumper, or R1, and it will switch to the sell portion. It will then sort the junk to the foremost position. I'm not sure what to press on PC
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    Awesome! thanks
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    Loot (full) but no loot when in store?

    I don't have a problem getting to where to sell loot but when I loot people I get a message saying Loot (Full) and when I go to store after looting dozens of victims (not animals) it says I have nothing to sell! What am I doing wrong?
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