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    how do i download my game through uplay?

    I had a pirated game (silent hunter 5) installed on my pc, and i activated it with uplay.

    I bought it on the uplay store and just copied the serial key i got into the box that SH5 asked for without actually downloading another Silent Hunter 5.

    However, a mod required me to reinstall, but I thought i might as well get rid of the pirated copy and download afresh from uplay.

    This did not happen. Uplay thinks the game is still installed - but it is not.

    Is the program seriously *this* bad? I mean, it cant recognise a game is not there anymore? I want to try and download a game that I paid for. How do I get uplay to do this?

    Can I even do this with this trainwreck of an "interface"?
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    I even uninstalled it through uplay...
    and then it doesnt realise that its not there and directs me to contact "Ubisoft support"...
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    I'm guessing the pirated version you installed may have something to do with it - so it's unfair to blame the legal software for not working.

    if you now own a legal version, I suggest you contact support and provide proof of purchase and a photo of the key and they maybe able to help you.

    however installing pirated software, does something's involve altering software installed, so that maybe why it didn't work?


    closing thread, due to asking for support after using pirated versions of ubisoft games.

    please contact support directly.
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