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    difficulty with using fast travel?!! (360)

    so im encountering a general map bug in sp that is giving me the most issues when i would like to fast travel. i find that 75% of the time when i click to view the map the cursor will not lock onto anything including fast travel stations so it wont physically let me select the location to travel to it.
    its not so bad with setting the way point as you can do that manually. but when i need to fast travel im finding that i have to go in and out of the map on average 4-5 times before the cursor will let me lock onto the fast travel locations an allow me to select it in order to fast travel.

    is anyone else having similar issues with the map?? the map also lags a lil bit every now an then but thats nothing major really. im on 360 btw.

    please fix this soon as you can ubi it kinda makes fast travel take longer than jus driving, flying or walking sometimes when im jus standing there for 10 minutes going in and out of the map screen.
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    it happened to me once, i went to main menu and back again and it was ok
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    ok cool i think ive only noticed once or twice before, i cant remember. if restarting fixes it then its not so bad.

    thanks for lettin me know.
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