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    East Coast guy here, bought an AMD vid card, did the pre-order, got it for free, got an invoice with an order number, and NOTHING today, no link to dl the game, no product key....NOTHING. What is the deal?
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    well almost noon here it is Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at 11:51:19 AM CST no email no info NO GAME what the hell is going on around here feel like i was robbed boo hoo damit
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    I just got my key!
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    Im having the same problem. I purchased mine last night around 10pm. Ive emailed customer support twice and still no answer. Id like to be able to lay my game today
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    can we activate these on steam?
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    Originally Posted by Mr_Shade Go to original post

    You need to be contacting the Ubishop support directly if you have missing emails.

    emails with keys normally for the US launch go out through out the day but normally around 10am in the US.

    No one on the forums has access to your order details, or the ability to send you a download link.


    Those still waiting after the EU launch, need to be in contact with the store to see where the emails are!
    Well, it sure as hell would be nice if I COULD send anything to the Ubishop link, but your system screwed up the order so bad that it used up my code, and then did not give me any order number or order history. I can't report anything to the Ubishop support unless I have an order number, so what do I do now?

    Since we have not gotten answers, and now we have not gotten the product that we purchased (yes, we purchased it with the promo, it was a package deal), I am just going to the BBB. I am done with getting the run around. Since we cannot tarnish your reputation on here, I guess we just do not get the treatment that people who can tarnish your BBB rating can, since all of them, 100% of them have gotten responses and their issues resolved.

    For those who want to report them too, here is a link to their BBB page:
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    Right now, I have two support tickets about this issue that I've made myself, and one made by a UK phone support worker. None of these tickets have been replied to by a technical support worker.

    I am very disappointed.
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    I didn't get a download link or serial key in my email either!!!!!!!!!!!
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    still no reply from ubi, no download link
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