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    'far cry 3 has stopped working' SOLVED

    I've been suffering with this error and thanks to terrytibbs010 It has been solved.

    1, goto start menu, my documents, my games folder
    2, open the far cry 3 folder and right click 'gamer profile' and open in note pad.
    3 click edit and then find
    4, in the search box type 'd3d'
    5, you should then have UseD3D11="1"
    6, change the 1 to a zero
    7, click file then save.

    open uplay and the game should launch. I've changed this back to a 1 and the game wont launch, so this definitley fixes this.
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    doesn't work for me :/
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    Describe what happens when you try to launch see if we can help you out
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    changed the value and my game launches but still crashes during play.
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    I get the exact same issue where I cannot launch the game past first flash screen. I do not even have a Gamer Profile to modify as the game has never launched. Yes I opened a "question" on the support page and I am very supprised to see that there are only 6 answers on the support page and all of them are for people who can launch the game. I hope where I bought it gives opened refunds.
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    I have almost the exact same issue as BakRaal, I crash apparently before a Gamer Profile can ever even be created. I actually had a friend send me his so I could try what OP suggested, but all that did for me was cause my non-responding black screen to full-screen.
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    There is nothing in this folder for me..... so that probably my issue stupid w8 64 bit not starting issue
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    Originally Posted by squiddygamer Go to original post
    There is nothing in this folder for me..... so that probably my issue stupid w8 64 bit not starting issue
    I'm on Win7 64 bit. 64bit seems to be the only thing in common with this. But you'd think more people would have said something. Maybe not many people have 64bit?
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    Works for me to resolve crashes in game but game now look horrible and can just play at low setting with I5-3570k and 7950 1080p
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