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    Far Cry 3 | How can i make money fast? |

    How can i make quick and easy money in farcry 3 ?
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    Do the Knife throwing contest and all the mini games.
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    The easiest way to make money is to find a shotgun-minigame. Its allot easier than the knife throwing. Just make sure you can hear noise from the left or right so u know where the birds will come from.
    Even expert lvl can be mastered in a few minutes. Also, don`t aim down the barrel when the birds are close, no need for that, just get them in the circle.
    If you do this a couple of times you`ll have all the money your wallet can carry
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    nice thread, thanks for the info
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    Side Missions

    1.Don't buy weapons. As you unlock radio towers, weapons will unlock for free at vendors. Picking weapons you didn't buy/unlock off enemies seem to unlock it for free as well. There are a few "Signature Weapons" which are unlocked after certain milestone (e.g. Finishing enough missions, conquering outposts), these are expensive, powerful versions of other weapons with pre-installed mods and paint jobs, needless to say, they cost more than just the mods alone, sometimes they are worth it.
    2.Don't buy medicine. Make health syringes.
    3.Don't buy body armor. Waste of money IMHO.
    4.Sell off loot. When you loot bodies/chests, you usually get an item as well as some cash. Visit vendors often and sell this stuff.
    5.Upgrade your loot capacity. This will extend the times between you "selling visits".
    6.Upgrade your wallet. You don't want to end up losing money because you looted a chest or finished a mission when it was full.
    7.Spend your money on maps, but only if you're the exploring type. These show you loot chests locations on the map, they cost quite a bit but should return investment if you go out of you way to loot chests.
    9.Do the side challenges. The stars on you map represent score challenges that are free to try and net an XP bonus as well as cash when you reach a certain score. There are other challenges like racing and gambling which require you to pay in order to play but only reward if you succeed. Save before them and reload if you lost money.
    10.Sell off excess skins. Check out crafting guides online. See if you need the skins you have in your inventory, if not, sell. Check for animals in your area with good skin values and hunt them for their skins. Tigers have the highest skin value, but I found Cassowaries, while having average skin value, are easier to hunt and come in large packs. Sharks aren't too hard to hunt as well when they're close to the beach.
    11.There are a few skills which help with money, they're unlocked late in the game, though. Dealmaker which gives you 25% more cash when selling loot; Penny Pincher which makes more money appear on looted bodies; and Loot Takedown which automatically loots bodies when you do a takedown (close range takedowns work, not sure if it works with knife/gunslinger/grenade takedowns).
    12.Use ammo caches and pickups instead of buying ammo. While refilling your whole ammo at vendors gives a certain discount, many missions in the game and several enemy outposts have ammo caches available in them. Unless you're really running short on ammo, you can safely start missions without buying ammo beforehand. After taking over enemy outposts, check for ammo caches, usually near the door leading to the fast travel/vendor location. These may disappear after the location has turned friendly and you revisit it.
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