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    Far Cry 3 Has Stopped Working

    While in game, it suddenly stop working and the message "Far Cry 3 Has stopped working" appears?" Does anyone else have the same issue with the game?

    P.S. I honestly think the game was released a few months too soon. My machine specs are: Core i5 661 @ 5.0 Ghz, 8GB Ram, GTX 570 Superclocked, SSD,... and I can't run the game smooth on Very High or Ultra settings...but I can all other games. The game is not well optimized for the graphics it my opinion the graphic is nothing special. So I believe that I should run this game smooth on Ultra settings without any problem!
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    ur machine seems fine...what drivers are u using for Nvidia? And tried install the directx from the 2nd disc.
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    Can you look at the crash details and paste them here ?
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    Originally Posted by hafitz Go to original post
    ur machine seems fine...what drivers are u using for Nvidia? And tried install the directx from the 2nd disc.
    I'm using nvidia 306.97 drivers for my GPU. I've just checked nvidia drivers site and donwloaded beta drivers 310.64. Now I'm going to install these drivers and test the game again.
    Between the installation process I'm pretty sure I also saw that directx has been updated... maybe I'll try to update it again from the second disc.

    High-Performance System Requirements
    Processor: Intel Core i7-2600K or AMD FX-4150 or equivalent quad-core
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or equivalent DirectX 11 graphics

    I bought my GTX570 Superclocked not even a year ago and it's already old... but as I said I run other new games on very high settings without a problem.


    Ok, I'll check crash details and paste it here. Maybe new beta drivers will solve the crash problem...we'll see.
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    I've just tried to play game with nvidia beta driver 310.64 and when I get to the Glider and start flying, game crashes and goes to Blue Screen! I'm pretty sure it's the game's fault, because other games work perfectly.
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    same problem like westtech
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    I'm just too much dissapointed with the game...I can't believe that's even happening, how is this possible that the company like ubisoft, release not just a game full of bugs, but also unplayable game!! That fact can never be overlooked! My machine has never been restarted and freezed so many times in all my life, than it had a one single day! I'm so stupid, I supported that company and bought an original game! Next time I will first download the pirated game and maybe....just maybe buy then an original!

    To Ubisoft: if you will afford that sort of mistake ever again, you will start to drastically lose customers. And I won't help if you ever make Far Cry 4 or 5. We, the buyers will simply go on and buy other games. There are many fresh, but maybe small companies, who will be able to develope even better games like FC. The competition out there is strong, remember that!
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    Game not launching

    SAME ISSUE _ all day not being able to play. So you have my money in your coffers yesterday.. I want to pretend I own a game called farcry3 .. but ooh look it doesnt launch..... even with patch + latest uplay launcher + latest drivers + win7 64bit
    .. wheres the help from your staff on these boards you bloody idiots. Im here waiting to play wonder people test pc games via the torrent sites cos at least they dont get shaffted by hyped up reviews and losing money on day of release hoping someone will fix it for them ..
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    We simply don't get the same quality games for our money as we used to get. But we deserve the quality for the game that costs 50€, 50$ or even more! I was planning to buy an insane version, but now I'm very thankful I didn't! Nowadays is a problem of a mass production and because they build games primary for the consoles! And we PC users are what?? Keep in mind that we spend much more money for our machines to keep them up to date, than customers who bought PS3 or Xbox360!! Today only a high-end graphic card costs more than PS3!! Not to mention CPU, MBD, Ram,... PC users should be the primary in games development segment, not console customers! FP shooters are more meant to play on PC than on consoles....I can't imagine to aim and shoot with a gamepad??!! I have noticed that stupid console interface in some other games too!! Don't tell me to press "A,B,X,Y"...the hell with that, I have a KEYBOARD!!

    Nevermind, this went far off topic now...
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    agreed.. pc users are being treated like the forgotten 3rd child mistakenly created at a xmas office party..
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