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    Far Cry 3 Offline Mode *****EDIT: Yes, it exists *****

    Somebody tell me you can play (AND save progress) without having to connect to a server (ignoring authorisation).EDIT: ****** you don't need the servers to play the campaign; close your internet connection BEFORE running Far Cry 3 ******
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    Yes you can in uplay offline mode, its easy and it works just as you would expect, I've been using it myself!
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    I can even play if Uplay is Online and i use Cloud for the savegames, too.
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    Presumably playing offline is fine if you've already authenticated, bit of a bugger if you've just installed though.
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    SINGLE MODE full work in OFFLINE MODE!

    in settings Uplay check "Always start Uplay in offline mode"

    reboot uplay and start Game! WORK!
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    ^ nice find for those of us unfamiliar with the ways of Ubisoft.
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    Created UPlay account. Whenever I try to log in with UPlay icon, I get message saying I have to "log in at least once online" to use that Uplay login. Once I log in online, I see my username but have no idea how to get to far cry 3 to play! HALP! Thank, mucho.
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