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    Yeah same here mate , pissed off aussie..... not happy.... If this crud keeps up in the industry I'm off too torrent sites and screw supporting the devs/publishers ... bought a hard copy fair enough no research here but expected drm free..(hence didnt buy via steam) .. after blizzards fiasco which I bought hardcopy also.. no such luck had too tussle with the ubisoft patching system freezing at 100% , then the ubisoft patch not working after 99%, finally downloaded from a 3rd party site and got a working patch and could play by 8:30pm woot hassle over no such luck got 2 hrs of game last night and enjoyed it, but now nothing WTF ubi .... tempted to go download a cracked version here... been saving for this one for months ... yeah big mortgage, but supported UBi all the way with ravenshield through too Farcry 1 & 2 too R6 new vegas 1 & 2.. now wish I hadnt wasted the cash with this treatment again.. theres a reason indie games are doing well it's because they treat their gamers like human beings... FU Blizzard FU Ubi never getting another cent outta me ... spin on it
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    Originally Posted by Bompie13 Go to original post
    I give up
    We can play but never and I say NEVER use the esc button or make stuf like bagpacks
    If you pres esc its stops and nothing els then close game so no saved game
    its 10.10 hours here so how long do we have to wait

    Just switch your UPLAY to ALWAYS OFFLINE.

    I just did it and it works great!
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    for me in france no server working !!!
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    Hmm it seems like their Server ARE NOT OFFLINE, but TURNED OFF.
    Because my Game can find the Servers (wouldn't possible if they were offline) and it says the Servers are unavailable.

    I can play Singleplayer with Uplay online and i can use the Cloud savegames, but no Multiplayer or Coop.
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    Hey guys,

    Does being in Offline Mode when getting Achievements still give you the proper timestamps or does it leave them blank? I'd rather them be properly marked.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can answer.
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    I have just installed the game.Can`t connect to servers in game,so I`m unable to redeem my dlc codes.Are You guys having same issue atm?
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    played last night ok just switched on this morning and.........servers unavailable !!! WTF
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    Yeah it seems a lot of people are having this problem, I just want my deluxe edition dlc so I can play the game, idc about multiplayer atm just want to play the game!
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    Ok GUYS bear with me as ill try and explain WHAT has happened to me and my mate

    1. I have played SP all day connected to the servers etc etc NP at all
    2. My mate that i have known for years CANNOT connect to server etc etc we tried everything Firewalls port forwarding etc etc No DICE

    So i asked if i could have his Account details to try on my end. And guess what?
    "Can not connect to FarCry 3 Server"

    So its ACCOUNT specific..
    I reentered my details and i had NO problems connecting at all.

    So there you have it. A WHOLE afternoon trying to trouble shoot why my mate could not connect
    I know this is NOT going to help anyone connect to the server BUT it gives insight as to why this is happening.
    Btw i redid this 3 times on his account with the EXACT same result every time

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    Play with Uplay in offline mode !
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