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    Stretched moutains all over the screen
    I've had this problem since i started playing far cry, and when it happens during a mission i have to do it again, because when it happens i can't play, i get like 4-6fps, i demand a fix ubisoft i payed 60EURO for this game, i want to play it.

    It's not my video but here's an example.
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    My problem,
    1) Not a lot of lobbies to choose from on some modes, 1 or 2 at most if any at all
    2) Seeing characters of others glitch, jumping up and down through the screen so can't shoot at them

    1) When ALT+TAB out to UPlay or www.farcryoutpost, a lot of the times I get ALT+TAB back in to the game I either can't use the mouse or the game crashes on me.

    1) When logging in, selecting 'remember me' does nothing and I have to log-in again and select platform

    1) The weapon loadout's, they are not syncing with the game it self. I created a load in game and on the website it showed empty, I then created them on the website and it wiped my loadout's in game.

    The Game:
    1) Loadout's; I had all the default loadout's there and I created another, this wiped all the default ones away and I had to start from scratch, I can't find that default gun no more in the gun list!

    Other than that...I'M LOVING THIS GAME
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    If you switch to either borderless or windowed mode that won't happen, and if you want to acess uplay just Shift-F2.
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    Originally Posted by sinooka Go to original post
    I just bought the game and I'm really annoyed at the keybinding issues.

    To the development team: please, understand that not everyone is a wasd player in the fps world. I have been playing almost 20 years of fps games and have always used the numpad for my bindings. numpad_enter and numpad_delete are unable to be bound in this game and that is so disappointing for a 2012 game. It's almost like you just assume that nobody uses anything but wasd these days on pc.

    Let me tell you, there are loyal gamers out there that have handicaps and disabilities who need to re-bind their keys to fit their formats that they've worked for years to perfect. Just because your developers all use wasd doesn't mean you should skip the idea of rebinding any key available on a standard keyboard. How dare you release a 2012 top game and ignore this fact, when we've had this capability for almost 20 years.

    Not only should we be able to bind numpad_enter and numpad_del, your game should be able to distinguish between numlock_on and numlock_off functions of these keys. Every other decent game I've played until now has these capabilities.

    Fix it, please.
    I know other games like Skyrim or Dead Space with the same problem.

    I can't understand how a game can be so highly rated by the testers.
    I have to install U-Play for more experience with social shi.. and bonus crap i dont want, but just playing the game with the keys i want is impossible.

    Please take the focus on developing good playable games, and not DRM and Social stuff nobody needs.
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    please fix hang glider controls when using alternative keybinds for movement.
    I use sdfc and only d works with the glider, which steers right.
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    In single player, there is a molotov cocktail stuck in Jason's right arm after I entered a cut scene holding one.

    Is there any way to get this to go away without reverting to a previous save?
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    I have an issue where I can't complete the Rango mission, after I talk to him he moves to the next cover, but does not continue on to the shore and to his home. Does anyone have a possible fix, or run into this issue as well? Thanks.
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    mouse input

    The mouse input in Far Cry 3 is broken.

    Fast movements (ie 180° turns, snap aiming, etc) are artificially slowed down. You can aim and turn faster by moving the mouse slower, moving the mouse fast feels like the input is being dropped, or not being fully registered. It's backwards. A normal quick 180° turn becomes 90 degrees, if that. People usually call this reverse acceleration or negative acceleration, sometimes dampening. Generally an issue in poor PC ports with modern high DPI mice and games that don't use Raw Input.

    It's probably the biggest issue in the PC version of the game as the mouse is the main interface device used. But it's one a lot of people aren't even perceptive of unfortunately, which means the chances of it getting fixed are extremely low. I'm usually very aware of any kind of abnormal smoothing or accel that's affecting the mouse input in a non-1:1 way. Didn't even notice it right away because it's been a while since a PC game had mouse implementation this poor, after having a lot of troubles fine aiming and turning and finally testing it out and noticing what the problem was, I came here looking for a fix and found none. Only a few threads mentioning the problem.
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    hi are you gonna fix the lag and latency on pc by puttin official server?
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    very low volume vocies in video interact parts of the game but all other sound works / striker2 n460gtx sound max fx 4g ram w7 64
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