Well thought i'd ask what is your ability set? Or go to when things just hit the fan and need that edge to win or feel you do better with, what kind of playstyle you play and how that ability set works around your playstyle.
Skill with a * symbol is crafted please list what you crafted I.E 1 point in CD and 1 point in duration.

I'll start with mine
Skill 1: Wipe*
Skill 2: Smoke Bomb
Ranged: Gun
Perk 1: Resistance
Perk 2: Overall Cooldown
Streak: Animus Hack or Kill Streak
Losing Streak: Revelation

2 points in Cooldown

Reasoning behind set
Out of all the games I've played someone always has morph and with the bad luck i usually have i get the wrong guy and get stunned losing my target, and letting the opponent get points from me that isn't a kill. So i needed something to identify my target and wipe helped in that perspective, you can say firecrakers help too, well your right but does it silence SB from being used? So Wipe is nice and its versatility in team or solo is nice. Smoke Bomb always been a favorite of mine cause its saved my life more than once plus its a great defense skill, about to be killed? Dodge and stun, maybe there is too many(usually the case) drop, dodge and run. Or made a kill but had a wingman? No problem kill, drop, and kill, while it may seem a waste but you don't want to be stunned then have a 3rd member show up stun you again cause your focused on the guy that just stunned you. Resistance worked for me alot cause I'm usually stunned or something and this gets me back into the fight that much quicker. Gun needed something for those runners and this helped alot.

My playstyle is something that is adaptive i need something that can help defend or be offensive on the go not switch sets from offensive to defensive. With this set it helped alot, its probably something I'll be sticking with for awhile now. Though Wipe may be opted to be changed for something else like bodyguard, morph, or poison. I'm usually more offensive though hence gun as it helps with clearing out stragglers or people on roofs without me needing to chase them.