I made this thread so people can help each other in scripting maps for The Settlers IV.

With the help of scripts, everyone can make maps with interesting events, victory conditions, map specific game rules, etc.

I already made a few maps where you can play as the Dark Tribe with the help of these scripts.
You can build Mushroomfarms, train troops, Shamans, Gardeners.
I even made modifications in how they work, so it's more balanced in a multiplayer enviorment and also more fun to play as them, for example: every slaved settler that goes into the dark temple yields 6 mana, so being active with the shamans can give you an additional source of mana.
Mushroomfarms spawn randomly, so the DT player can't stack their farms in one well defended place, also Dark Gardeners converting green land to dark gives you mana, so to encourage spreading dark land in exchange for mana, the backdraw is that you mushroom farms may spawn further away from you Dark Temple.
Now, my problem is making Manacopters to work.
I already found out I can add manacopters with DarkTribe.AddManakopter(x,y,player) and I can make them fly with DarkTribe.FlyTo(x,y), my question is how DarkTribe.CreateCrew works? Every time I try to use this command, the game crashes because of SettlerMgr.ccp, no matter what number I try.
I guess DarkTribe.LeaveMk is for getting people out of the manacopter, my problem is I can't make them to board the vehicle.

Also, another question: How can I get the x and y coordinates of a building I just built, so the nex function will use those coordinates?

Sorry for my first post to be this long.

P.S.: I'm not sure if I opened the thread in the right place, I'm really, really sorry if not.