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    James Cameron's-Avatar - the game by Ubisoft?

    didn't see it listed in the forum line up to make thread on

    there is talk about new Avatar movie 2 and 3rd release

    will there be newer games coming out

    btw how does one get the code to input into extra in the game? to unlock item in
    Ubisoft Cameron's AVATAR - THE Game
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    We do have an Avatar forum, it's "hidden" right at the bottom of the list. I've moved this topic in there for you.
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    thank you for moving the thread there
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    did they ever had maps and skins for download for the game?
    it says on the back of the booklet

    i got the codes to unlock item in the game, only wish it unlock all them not only one set package

    but the skins and map i a bet lost on not seen any for download
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